ADS ProFund SeQueL

A multi-module management system designed by Advanced Data Systems.

About ADS ProFund SeQueL

ADS ProFund SeQueL is true non-profit fund accounting from a veteran software developer. ProFund is designed to meet the needs of school systems, municipalities, social service agencies, and other non-profit organizations.

ProFund SeQueL is the next generation of the ADS ProFund Series, a solution that has served the non-profit community since the early 1980’s. As a result of our commitment to Microsoft standard architecture, the product is developed in Visual Basic, for the SQL Server database, and optimized for the Windows operating platform.

Reporting strength and flexibility are key to the competitive advantage of ProFund SeQueL. Standard reporting is powered by Crystal Reports from Crystal Decisions. Financial reports are generated through FRx Financial Reporting from FRx Software Corporation. These strategic elements contribute to a powerful, robust non-profit accounting solution.

Accounts Payable

ADS ProFund SeQueL (SeQueL) Accounts Payable helps you maintain accurate information about the vendors with whom you do business, the money you owe, and the due dates/discounts that apply to your payables. You can predict your cash needs, establish better control over the payment of bills, and avoid late payments that can hurt your credit rating or injure relationships with vendors.

ProFund SeQueL Accounts Payable allows your organization to define vendor ID codes and other identifiers to best fit your needs. The software maintains essential vendor information and you can assign default distribution accounts to each vendor. Vendors can be added during the data entry process and one-time vendors are easily accommodated. Payments made to vendors can be posted to multiple boxes on the 1099, even within the same payable.

Designed for Non-Profit Needs

Accounts Payable properly handles multiple funds within the same organization, and does so automatically. Payables can be distributed to multiple funds, checks can be cut against multiple cash accounts, and the software creates the appropriate due to/from entries for you. Flexible payment selection and partial payment options allow you to choose payables for all funds or one particular fund.

Advanced Data Systems appreciates how important the Budget is to non-profit organizations. Accounts Payable provides automatic budget checking and account balance inquiry, both in Payable and Purchase Order entry. If a transaction will cause an over-budget condition, the software can warn or prohibit the transaction based upon your preference.

Flexible User Interface

The design and development of ADS ProFund SeQueL have been completed with great attention paid to the ease of data entry. Accounts Payable can be very data focused, so processing can be either keyboard-driven for those performing largely data entry, or mouse-driven for those completing more inquiry or oversight functions.

Accounts Payable also utilizes powerful system-wide ýallocationsý functionality. This involves creating expense distribution templates that can be created and applied in Payable or Purchase Order entry. An unlimited number of allocation templates are maintained and can be used with any vendor.

Powerful Reporting

There are a number of standard reports in Accounts Payable. You can benefit from the information presented in reports like Payables Edit list and register, Aged Open Items, Cash Requirements, Check register, Warrant/Manifest register, Vendor History and Payables Distribution. Plus, you can customize the output from those reports using the enhanced functionality of the Report Interface. The Report Interface allows you to sort, filter and select records based on any field or fields in the record that is referenced by a report. With this functionality, you can present your information in an unlimited number of formats, and save those selections for future use.

Additionally, you can output 1099 tax reporting for your vendors, and submit that information electronically using magnetic media reporting standards. ProFund SeQueL Accounts Payable allows you to continue processing in the new year, and to choose to produce 1099’s at your convenience. The software handles multiple 1099 years, multiple 1099 boxes for each vendor, and provides for a default 1099 box if you like.

General Ledger

General Ledger is the heart of the ADS ProFund SeQueL (SeQueL) system. It puts the vital financial and budgetary management information you need right at your fingertips, and gives you powerful accounting capabilities designed to meet specific needs of non-profit organizations. Plus, the General Ledger module is delivered with a 4 user license of FRx Financial Reporting Desktop 6.0, the industry-defining financial statement report writing tool.

ProFund SeQueL General Ledger integrates with all account number-driven modules of the ProFund series. It maintains complete, cross-referencable audit trail of actual, budget and encumbrance transactions and can even track budget amendments. Inquiry screens display summary data for quick review of current or historical information and provide drill-down to transaction level detail. General Ledger acts as a powerful ýtree trunký for the system while allowing flexible access to the many ýbranchesý including AP, PO, AR, Payroll, and Cash Tracker modules.

ProFund SeQueL General Ledger handles multiple funds with proper interfund distributions. The system automatically creates Due To/From entries, keeping each fund – as well as the entire ledger – in balance. Enhanced features include a user-defined account number structure and chart of accounts that allows for up to 50 characters. ADS ProFund SeQueL offers the flexibility to support the standards of FASB and GASB reporting and is GAAP compliant.

Designed for Non-Profit Needs

Non-profit organizations traditionally must adhere closely to budget and prefer strict control over transaction conditions. General Ledger provides user-defined levels of security over such conditions including exceeding available budget, outside current period, and outside current year. You determine how to warn, prohibit, or restrict users to protect the integrity of your accounts.

Flexible for the User

Data entry of ledger transactions/adjustments can be tedious for the user. ProFund SeQueL General Ledger includes a number of features to simplify such entry and reduce your redundant entry. Consider these circumstances and the functionality that addresses them.

Have a journal entry that recurs monthly? Set it up in Recurring Journals and General Ledger requires a single step to generate all recurring entries for the month.

Want to make an accrual entry for 3 months out? Many systems assume an accrual reversing date of the first of next month. In ProFund SeQueL, enter the journal entry, mark it as an Accrual Entry and choose your own accrual reversing date. You decide, not the software.

Did you enter and post a lengthy journal entry and wish you hadn’t? Simply flag an entry as a Reversing Entry and reference the transaction number of your mistaken entry. The system will reverse it for you.

Powerful Reporting

ProFund SeQueL General Ledger includes a number of standard reports to assist with maintaining control of finances. Users benefit from information in reports including: Chart of Accounts lists, Journal Entry lists and registers, Trial Balance, etc. Plus, the flexibility provided by the ProFund SeQueL Report Interface means you can modify standard reports to better suit your specific needs. Even greater flexibility comes from the FRx Financial Reporting tools that provide for all your financial statement reporting, including Statements of Activities and Statements of Revenues and Expenditures.

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