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A payroll program designed by Cheque-Mate International.
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Service bureau payroll software, this products supports live as well as after-the-fact payroll for serveral states. Whatever your clients requirements, there is a very good chance that this software will meet their needs. We use it to process over 600 company’s payrolls. It can be interfaced with most G/L packages. There is also a free version for your client who wants to prepare his own payroll. Download a demo from our website. While this is a DOS program, it runs under Windows quite well. A full blown Windows as well as an Internet system serving all 50 states is planned for release in late 2000.

Features Include:

  • Print laser or dot matrix checks.
  • Laser forms control, 941, 940, W-2, W3, 1096, 1099-MISC & ALL STATE FORMS.
  • MICR encoding—No more need to order pre-printed checks
  • LABOR distribution*
  • EXPORT* to Quickbooks(TM)/Quicken(TM)**
  • DIRECT DEPOSIT of employee paychecks
  • Prints check register, Workers Comp., and individual earnings report on any fiscal or calender basis.
  • Computes deposit amounts & checks.
  • Gross up routine computes from net to gross.
  • Tracks last raise and hire dates.
  • Computes your billing.
  • Electronic transfer of Federal & State Tax deposits.
  • Handles 401-K & cafeteria plans.
  • Operates on Novell, Lantastic & several other networks


Nancy says...

It is a payroll program that, not only handles your checks but does tax forms and has those printed out. It computes well, it is easy to use and once it is set up, it is a pretty nice solution.

The good: It is just a payroll program and is set up very nice.

The bad: They have multiple updates in a year.

Janette says...

The program did not work with my PC. I liked the way it was supposed to work, but had trouble that was never resolved.

The good: It was specifically designed for payroll, which is what I was after. There are small but important things that it had that often get overlooked or side-lined by payroll programs that are built into accounting programs as an add-on.

The bad: Several of the reports did not fit properly on the page. The totals were left off. It was not compatible with my printer. There was a glitch in the software that the company thought was user error and was never resolved.

I have a relative that writes software who recognized an error message that came up. He told me that the program was going to crash, and it did crash a couple days later.

I quit using that program and purchased another one.