QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced

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A payroll program designed by Intuit.

About QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced

Pay employees right from QuickBooks, and get all your payroll tax forms are completed for you with Payroll Enhanced. QuickBooks Payroll provides 1099 E-File, workers compensation, labor law posters, employee benefits, direct deposit, and a payroll app.

QuickBooks provides ease of use so you can run payroll in under 5 minutes and save over 10 hours of labor each month. When you integrate with QuickBooks as your accounting program, you’ll have real-time data updates with payroll and accounting data syncs. The software can easily share accurate and real-time payroll data to your accountant at any time, and same-day direct deposits lets your employees and contractors be paid as quickly as possible.

Video Overview

Get Started Quickly

  • Set up payroll easily with the step-by-step guide

Get QuickBooks Integration

  • Payroll works inside QuickBooks, so there’s no double entry, importing, or exporting - your data is already there

Easily Pay Employees

  • Create paychecks in a few clicks
  • Print checks yourself or use the Direct Deposit (additional fees apply)

Get Instant Payroll Tax Calculations

  • Instantly calculate federal and state payroll taxes
  • Get reminders when tax payments are due
  • Pay payroll taxes electronically

Get Completed Payroll Tax Forms

  • Forms for federal and most states’ payroll taxes are automatically completed for you - just print, sign, and mail
  • File your federal payroll tax forms electronically

Provide Benefits and Insurance

  • Get “pay-as-you-go” workers’ compensation insurance from The Hartford.
  • Offer a retirement plan with the low-cost Intuit 401(k)

Get the Reports You Need

  • Track all your payroll expenses within QuickBooks
  • Track workers’ compensation

Get Expert Help When You Need It

  • Call for free live assistance during business hours (M-F, 6am-6pm PST
  • Get 24/7 access to the online support center

Product Overview

User Reviews of QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced

Submitted on April 10th, 2019 by Tony Palmer from Relics Antique Marketplace

QuickBooks walked me through the payroll and added me to it. I was really worried about taxes but they have demo videos that tell you how to do everything. There is no math needed. You just put in how many hours your employees work and it tells you what to do and prints our a check stub. You can do direct deposit or cut a paper check. It’s incredibly easy to do payroll in QuickBooks, and it’s nice that I have a brand and name recognition that I can trust.

Submitted on April 26th, 2013 by Kristen Buchannan from GoodOnYa Deli

If I could describe Intuit Payroll in one word, it would be easy.

Intuit has been a business partner. Payroll is very easy with email reminders. The web-based access lets us use the program from anywhere. We have vacation pay, sick pay, we just look at a preview and hit submit. It’s super simple.

I love the direct deposit. We submit payroll on a Wednesday and they’ll have payroll on Thursday night or Friday morning. There is also a check printing option.