A software system designed by Employee Based Systems.

About EZ-Tip

EZ-Tip is the perfect solution for dealing with the payroll process issues associated with having tipped employees. It is your complete tool for collecting and preparing tip information for payroll processing. This system will simplify the incredibly difficult task of collecting and processing that information. Some of the key features of the system include:

  • Can process declared tips, allocated tips, tips paid and credit card tips
  • Automatically post tips to payroll
  • Calculate made-up wages to comply with federal and state minimum wage
  • Simplified negative check resolution using tax and withholding shortage system
  • Specific reports showing comprehensive views of your company‚Äôs tip data
  • Collects accurate dollar amounts from each employee
  • Full integration with Sage Abra Payroll
  • Eliminates the need for extra data entry
  • All employee information recorded in Sage Abra Payroll is directly loaded into EZ-Tip
  • Data changes made in either Sage Abra Payroll or EZ-Tip are synchronized automatically
  • Earnings, tax and deductions criteria setup in the main payroll system are directly applied to employee tip data
  • EZ-Tip seamlessly integrates with Sage Abra allowing users to go between the two systems with no interruption

Product Overview

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