Execupay Payroll Suite

A payroll program designed by Execupay for accounting/legal/professional companies.

About Execupay Payroll Suite

The Execupay Payroll Suite (EPS), is not only an incredibly powerful payroll processing system, but also a complete solution to reporting payroll and other taxes to tax agencies, as well as managing sales and service. This product can also give the top management of your clients extreme visibility of company wide performance. The existence of Execu allows you to set up an Intranet for your service staff. This will provide easier information sharing for your employees. Additionally, mypayrollweb allows your clients to remotely enter payroll information; hence providing even more flexibility to your customers. If you currently provide, or are considering providing payroll services to your customers; Execupay’s Payroll Suite (EPS) is your complete software solutions.


From start to finish Execupay focuses on providing an easy to use, and highly efficient payroll processing system. When you setup a client company you are giving the option of having an unlimited number of divisions, departments, state IDs, Workers Compensation Codes, three period set dates, and company-wide scheduled pays, deductions, and exemptions. Also with the ability to set up an unlimited number of bank accounts for each client. For the purposes of reporting, EPS allows for the set-up of multi-state taxes; and prompts you for the proper information for each state, eliminating time wasted entering irrelevant information. Each employee in a client can have an unlimited number of scheduled pays and deductions. Deductions can be set as Flat Amounts, Credit to Net, Hours Paid, Hours Worked, % of Gross, % of Net, or % of Worked. Additionally, each deduction can have limits, declining loan balance tracking, and automatically generated 3rd party deduction checks. To provide visibility to your clients HR data such as logistic and statistic information, raise history, new hire status, dates (start, term, birth, deceased), sick, vacation, and personal accruals is available. This software also gives you the capability of providing direct deposit services to your clients. Special features of the payroll system are as follows:

  • Instant gross-up calculations
  • One button check void
  • Instant tax calculations
  • Configuration of check options: DD status, W/H and UCI states, and pay frequency
  • Division and Department look-up
  • Tip wage and 8.0 % calculations

Finally, when you are ready to print payrolls, the system searches for all completed payrolls that are ready to print. Once you click print, each client’s payroll is printed in a custom package based on the options you have set up for that client.


EPS features several reporting options that give you unparalleled flexibility in data reporting; by allowing you to utilize different programs and methods of developing reports. Dozens of report templates are included, allowing you to easily print out many standard reports, with little to no user input. A custom report builder allows you to construct more detailed, client specific reports that can be printed, exported, and shared. Furthermore, by utilizing SQL databases you can create comprehensive queries that can be instantly exported into Excel, providing extreme flexibility in your reporting options. Additionally, EPS provides over 100 sample reports for Crystal Reports, to help you get started creating your own reports. All reports can be electronically delivered via e-mail and made into PDF files.


EPS Sales gives your sales staff the specialized tool needed to excel in selling the specialized service of payroll processing. Information about potential clients that is stored by EPS Sales is as follows:

  • Payroll specific information: their current payroll provider, number of employees, and pay frequency.
  • Payroll service options: tax filing, direct deposit, time and attendance options, remote entry options, and delivery method.
  • ýQuick Quotesý based on prices dictated by your service bureau help to keep prospects interested on the telephone.
  • A log of all interaction by a salesperson with a client
  • Telemarketing scripts


EPS also offers an integrated customer service and support feature that allows your employees to better communicate with themselves and their clients. When a customer service issue arises, one of your employees files a new incident report, that details the issue and enters it into the system and stores a record of it. This information is the sent in an e-mail to other Customer Service Representatives to keep them up-to-date on all issues. This issue can then be resolved and followed up on; ensuring that issues are never lost in the typically muddled communication across employees.

Total Tax

EPS gives you the ability to file any needed payroll taxes for your clients. This is an incredibly useful tool; allowing you to provide more services to your customers.

Product Overview

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