A software system designed by FINSYNC.


FINSYNC software is a better way to manage payments, payroll, accounting and cash flow all to grow your business more profitably. This platform makes it easy to manage customers and collect one-time or recurring payments via ACH, card or check.

Since it all stays in sync with bill payment, projects, payroll and banking, accounting happens automatically and you save valuable time, money and benefit from better analytics.


  • One-time & recurring invoices and bills
  • Built-in workflow and permissions
  • Set alerts & automated reminders
  • Customize payment schedules
  • Activate automated ACH & card payments for recurring invoices and bills
  • Streamline payments by allowing customers and vendors to securely store payment information
  • Customizable chart of accounts
  • Cash and accrual reports
  • Track income and expenses by department, location and associate
  • Transactions imported from your synced bank or credit union account are auto


FINSYNC for accounting and cash flow starts at $45 per month. The complete solution, with projects and payroll, is $95 per month. Payroll by itself is $40 per month. The plan for just payments is $10 per month, though there is a 6-month FREE trial.

Product Overview

User Reviews of FINSYNC

Submitted on December 17th, 2020 by Galen Dalrymple from Polymath

Everything we do is pretty much on a project basis. By having the time tracking built into FINSYNC that automatically updates costs and projects, and being able to track expenses, I can go in at a moment’s notice on any project and see what our budget for the project was. I can see how much we spent in labor and how much we’ve spent in expenses and what it looks like our projection is going to be.

And we use that historical data on future projects. Having all that information in FINSYNC, it’s just a matter of running a report and you’ve got that information. We use that to price out future projects so that future projects are more profitable than past ones. Having the information in FINSYNC that we can pull out to make better decisions has the biggest impact on us in terms of cash flow.