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About Payentry Next Gen

Payentry Next Gen is a web-based payroll and human resources system. With a number of features saving you time and providing access to your employees, it is the perfect solution for any company looking for a web-based payroll system.

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Simplicity With Payentry

  • Hassle free payroll management with the superior online payroll processing solution.
  • Conserve time with the quick, user-friendly and easy-to-operate system.
  • Process payroll accurately by viewing payroll information before it is processed.
  • Know your payroll expense immediately with instant calculation of wages, taxes, and deductions.

Stay Focused on Your Business

  • Get the most out of your workday by staying focused on your core business.
  • Get employees paid with direct deposit instead of spending precious hours tracking down employees.
  • Cut paper costs and get environmentally friendly. Allow employees to access pay stubs, history, Forms W-2, and more with Employee Self Service.
  • Virtually eliminate paper payroll delivery. SecureView simplifies the management of delivering data securely including payroll reports, quarterly and year-end tax filing reports, census data, and more.
  • Stay maintenance free while Payentry handles tedious upgrades for your company.

Manage Your Human Resources

  • Payentry Next Gen provides secure access from the office to home.
  • Manage employees’ schedules like vacation, sick, and other time off with accrual tracking.
  • Track important employee data; such as, dependents, union affiliation, reviews, EEOC classification, and more.
  • View employees’ past compensation by check date or desired date range

Take Full Advantage of Your Payroll System

  • Payentry Next Gen boasts exceptional, easy-to-use features and functionality.
  • Internal check calculator computes impromptu manual checks.
  • Access payroll data on-demand with over 60 standard reports.
  • Provide payroll data to key personnel (internal or external) via multiple output options.
  • Extract data in multiple formats based on your unique business needs (general ledger, etc.).

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User Reviews of Payentry Next Gen

Submitted on June 30th, 2015 by a Payentry Next Gen user from Payality

It’s designed to offer a powerful and easy-to-use interface that you can access from any Internet connection.

Employees can securely access the Payentry website to view and verify a wide variety of personal information. Employees can view and print prior paystubs, view deductions, review time off balances and usage, verify tax withholdings, and pay rates.

This product is really meant to provide you with a paperless solution so you and your employees can view data on the web with a secure access 24/7 365 days a year.

It’s meant to be simple to use by comprehensive. The availibility of data is great. None of the information is withheld for the company to sell back to you at a premium. All the data that Payentry has on you is available for you to create reports.