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About PayDirt Payroll

PayDirt Payroll is the best payroll solution for clients with difficult payrolls that require the distribution of wage and benefit expenses to multiple departments, or have many union-style benefits and deductions.

PayDirt Payroll is a feature-loaded program that provides the user with a paycode formula builder (including If, Min, Max, and logical operators), several methods for distributing expenses to multiple departments or accounts, complete control over all payroll calculations and effortless override of any calculated amount, year after year payroll history, unlimited paycodes, email of direct deposit advice, and much, much more.

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Features Include:

  • Drastically reduces the amount of work required to run payroll each week
  • Calculates difficult benefits automatically, eliminating spreadsheet work
  • Tracks accruals in dollar amounts, in hours, or in days
  • Offers fast and simple timesheet entry using a spreadsheet-style grid
  • Automatically distributes all payroll costs, including each wage and benefit expense, to the desired department
  • Prepares ROEs automatically for direct government submission and prints the ROEs to laser printers
  • Handles direct deposit - deposits can be made to 4 different bank accounts for each employee
  • Automatically emails your employees’ direct deposit payslip advices - no need to print anything for handout
  • Lets you change and reprint one paycheque ýon-the-flyý without re-doing the entire payroll
  • Lets you split payroll expenses between two months, based on the number of days worked in each month
  • Reverses paycheques in a snap
  • Keeps all payroll history even over multiple year ends
  • Lets you view multiple years of payroll history at one time, and report on multiple years together
  • Shows all outstanding payroll advances at the start of every payrun and allows easy selection to recover all or part
  • Manages declining-balance employee loans or garnishees, and stops deducting when the balance is fully paid
  • Tracks HR history and employee information, and will remind you of important dates
  • Calculates garnishees automatically as a percentage of Net Pay, or as a flat amount each pay period
  • Handles daily time entry, multi-user access, and job costing of payroll expenses
  • Imports from any timeclock or time collection software
  • Saves report settings for repeated use to streamline recurring monthly reporting
  • Substitutes user’s report titles for standard report titles
  • Uses industry standard Crystal Reports for all reporting
  • Prints T4 form along with amounts to blank paper and eliminates the need to order blank T4s
  • Prints T4 PIER listing and allows adjustments to ensure EI and CPP variances can be eliminated
  • Electronically submits T4s and T4Es
  • Automatically breaks out and calculates overtime when time has been entered on a daily basis
  • Drills down into an employee record to see previous pay details
  • Sorts and displays employees by name or by employee number, and changes on the fly when desired
  • Prints employee names and addresses using laser printed mail labels for mass mailings
  • Build your own formulas for calculating benefits and accruals using the built-in formula builder
  • Lets you override any calculated payroll amount
  • Prints to blank cheque forms using built-in MICR encoding technology
  • Conforms to new Canadian Payment Association cheque printing specifications (required January 1, 2007)
  • Offers instant vacation time, sick time, and banked time balances at any time (or any other accrual)
  • Prints blank timesheets with or without the accounting and rates for each employee
  • Flags cheque amounts over a pre-defined limit
  • Security allows control on a user by user basis over access to any program feature or any report
  • Allows mass changes to employee settings, rates, and all other payroll data
  • Complete support available during setup and conversion, including training and assistance with your first payruns
  • Integrates seamlessly with Adagio Accounting, and other popular accounting programs

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User Reviews of PayDirt Payroll

Submitted on June 28th, 2019 by M Rhodes

I LOVE your payroll system. It is so user friendly, accurate and easy to learn.

Submitted on June 28th, 2019 by J Einarson

Substantial time savings because of features like Mass change, automatic distribution of payroll costs and month end accruals. The feature list is lengthy. From a dealer/consultant point of view, set up and conversions are a breeze.