A payroll program designed by Restaurant Solutions Inc. for accommodations & food services and retail trade companies.

About RSI Payroll

RSI’s Payroll Services provide you with a comprehensive and user-friendly system to assist in managing the complexities of Payroll and Payroll Taxes. RSI’s online system is accessible from anywhere you can reach the internet, caters specifically to the Restaurant/Bar Industry and is supported by Payroll and Tax Specialists, Monday thru Thursday from 8am to 6pm MST and Friday from 8am to 12pm MST for your assistance.

  • User-friendly Online System accessible 24hrs a day, 7 days a week
  • Generate and Ship Employee Checks
  • Prepare and Pay PR Taxes
  • Perform and Administer Wage Garnishments
  • Calculate 401K and Health Care Deductions
  • Provide Reminders for Employee Health Cards and Deductions
  • Produce Annual W2s
  • Provide Payroll Distribution and Detailed Registers
  • Provide PR Reports, such as Year-to-Date Employee Details
  • Provide Worker’s Comp Insurance through RSIIG, www.rsiig.com
  • Integrate your POS data into PR data using RSI’s Report Card
  • RSI Specialist Support for your Team

Product Overview

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User Reviews of RSI Payroll

Submitted on September 27th, 2019 by Anonymous

It is the most basic software. You have to do your own creation of reports from what they provide. They do not do the 1095 report

The Good…

It is very basic and simple

The Bad…

first in looking at the opening video shows a chef cooking. That’s all good, but … he is not wearing gloves and that does not show a very health, hygeine/safety conscious company. Should think of that.