A web-based payroll service designed by Valiant Workforce Management Solutions.

About Vault

Vault is a payroll processing system that securely, accurately, and automatically gathers all time and attendance data used for payroll. You and your staff are given 24/7 access to all of your data. All data is stored at a remote data storage facility for automatic backup and accessibility from any location worldwide. Furthermore, Valiant provides you with 24/7 support after purchase and implementation of Vault. If you cannot afford the capital expenditures necessary to ýin-houseý this software; Valiant offers vault as an ASP (application service provider). The ASP version of Vault is the identical program but is hosted off-site and accessible from any computer with an Internet connection.

Vault is an incredibly powerful and versatile payroll processing solution that can perform many functions, both related and necessary to accurate and proper payroll processing. You are able to calculate gross-to-net earnings and print employee checks with stub detail that reflects days, shifts and hours worked by location. All pay amounts are shown by hours worked and actual dollars earned at each site. The net pay controls automatically calculate minimum take-home pay requirements for employees with deductions. Additionally, this software can support several deductions, including, but not limited to: child support, tax liabilities and other garnishments. This product also has the ability to automate the processing of all your taxes, with employee withholding calculations and employer liability information. Additionally, Vault can generate tax checks, interface with tax filing services, or enable ACH. Finally, this software will allow you to perform direct deposit payments to your employees.

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