A payroll management system designed by Adaptasoft that offers ACA compliance.

Product Overview

CyberPay is a payroll software solution known for its adaptability and user-friendliness. It provides versatile options for managing complex payrolls and features such as tax compliance (CyberTax), multiple bank accounts, and flexible billing systems. With over 25 years of experience, CyberPay stands out for its customizable software, free tech support, and integrations that cater to various business needs, including timekeeping, ACA compliance, and employee onboarding.


  • Tech support is free
  • System is reliable
  • Offers customizable features


  • Pricing details not provided by the developer
  • Can have slow performance speeds

Target Market

Payroll service providers and businesses of all sizes looking for a flexible, customizable payroll solution.

About CyberPay


  • Built in library of over 300 reports, with available custom reporting
  • Accounting Integration available. Export G/L entries to QuickBooks, Peachtree, CS and almost any other accounting package.
  • Unlimited number of: Employees, Pay Types, Employer Liabilities, Deductions, Benefits, Time-off Accrual Types and Pay Groups, Direct deposit accounts
  • Accurately handles tipped employees. Includes several restaurant payroll reports
  • Extensive, dynamic, contextual online help. Just press the F1 key
  • New Hire Report
  • Certified Payroll
  • Built in “pop-up” reminders for clients and employees
  • Integrated Pay-as-You-Go Workers Compensation
  • Multi-state ready. Handles Federal and State taxes for all 50 states.
  • Brand reports with your company logo
  • Private labeling
  • Bureau Reconciliation module. Transfers bureau transactions from CyberPay to QuickBooks, where they are auto-matched.
  • Background processing of payrolls. Calculate, create checks, print reports and checks without intervention
  • CyberTax - integrated tax management
  • Bureau-wide ACH management
  • Integrated EFTPS
  • Supports ACH payments for 3rd parties
  • Hot keys
  • Automated bureau trust account management solutions

Custom Reporting

  • Create custom reports and export using Microsoft Access.
  • Run custom reports and exports from CyberPay automatically along with payroll checks.
  • Hundreds of queries, reports and exports available for modification.

Maintain Multi-Year Tax Tables

  • Create Client Profiles which define what forms print, quantity and in what order. This will ensure that each time you need to print a form you can do it with a single click of a button.
  • Create forms according to Client Profile or by form type via batch printing so you can print forms for all clients in one quick step.
  • SSA Magnetic Media Reporting via batch process


  • Tracks unlimited sales reps, and calculates sales commissions for sales representatives
  • Unlimited bureau bank accounts
  • Bureau bank account reconciliation
  • AutoPay feature or one-time billing and collection of fees.


  • Built in library of over 100 reports in Report Manager.
  • Reports customizable in Custom Reporting Module.
  • Unlimited Companies, Employees, Pay Types, Taxes, Employer Liabilities, Deductions, Benefits, Time-off Accrual Types and Pay Groups for ultimate Flexibility.
  • Handles Tips, includes several Restaurant Payroll reports.
  • Handles pro-rated (blended) overtime.
  • Partners with Microsoft Office, exports data to Word and Excel.
  • Reconcile, and Data Removal Utilities.
  • New Hire Report.
  • Certified Payroll Report.
  • Built in ‘Pop-up’ reminders for Clients and Employees.
  • Multi-state Ready. Handles Federal and State Taxes for all 50 states.
  • User Defined fields.
  • Audit Log.
  • Workers Compensation accrual and reporting.
  • Service Bureau Setup with Logos, user control.
  • Automated Bureau Trust Account Management.
  • Packaging Instructions (QA checklist) report.
  • Bureau Trust Account Reconciliation.
  • Bureau Command Center for managing Remotes and batch payroll processing.
  • Batch Processing enabled, Calculate, Create Checks (Post), print reports, and print checks without intervention.
  • Bureau Report Manager for Bureau level Reporting.
  • CyberTax Bureau tax management, reporting and magnetic media module.
  • Bureau wide tax management.
  • Bureau wide ach manager.
  • Supports numerous EFTPS options.
  • Supports state tax payment using ACH.

Direct Deposit Manager

  • Direct Deposit Manager automatically creates multi-company batch filing for
  • Direct deposit by company range.
  • Can exclude companies from batches.
  • Can delete and recreate batches.
  • Option to make Bureau or Client originator of transactions.

Payroll Data Entry

  • Data Entry forms show your employee setup as you enter data
  • Functional Edit Results interface with optional preserve feature.
  • CyberPay Main Menu Hold individual Taxes, Deductions, and Benefits by employee by check. Also hold Direct Deposit, etc. Make holds one time, or permanent for one employee or all employees.
  • Preview Pay Run Register Prior to Processing
  • Unlimited separate checks per employee per pay run.
  • Unlimited Manual Check Entry. Generates pay stub along with payroll.
  • CyberPay Main Menu Time Card Data entry option.
  • Time Clock data imports available
  • Certified payroll entry
  • Split taxes feature allows any pay type to be taxed as if it was paid over multiple weeks
  • Multiple frequencies per company
  • Taxation frequencies can be changed on a one time or permanent basis
  • One time deduction adjustment in data entry screen
  • Edit Employee setup on-the-fly

Payroll Processing

  • High performance, full 64-bit processing
  • Client specific print order for pay checks
  • Select reports you want to print along with payroll. Determine report criteria, print order, frequency and quantity.
  • Produces a customizable Client Cover letter showing Cash Analysis for payroll, taxes, fees, Third Party payments, funding needed, etc.
  • Automatic, high-resolution Check signatures and Company Logos for client and Bureau checks and selected reports. Easily implemented with a copy and paste function.
  • Third Party Payments via client check or direct deposit. Includes option to group up to 12 Deductions and 12 Benefits for all employees on one payment. * * Detail shows on check stub.
  • Reverse or Undo pay run function. Also includes data recall function so that you do not have to re-key data.
  • Void Check Feature
  • Apply Auxiliary Taxes or employer liabilities to portions of pay. Handles most if not all complex local tax issues.
  • Define a “Max Net Check” register prior to processing warning

Payroll Process Control

  • One-time Deduction and Tax Adjustments
  • Print one check at a time or by batch
  • Reprint Checks by Range. Reprint reports at any time.
  • Check Accrue Deductions Without Pay Option
  • Negative net pay option
  • Also assign specific client accounts for Net Pay, Taxes, Fees, and Third Party Agencies.
  • Check stub messages by client and pay run.
  • Option to sweep total net pay from client to Bureau account, thus printing checks drawn on a Bureau Account.
  • Handy Edit Results interface with optional preserve feature.
  • Reverse Pay Run Feature

Report Manager

  • High-quality Reports and Pay Checks. While some of our competitors provide a limited selection, no logo, and unappealing report formats, CyberPay’s Windows reports with high-resolution company logos and 100’s reports to choose from, creates a payroll package you’ll be proud to deliver to your customer.
  • Set From-To dates, and Calculated dates such as End of Prior Month, etc. Also set other relevant criteria such as Employee Name, Department, etc. depending on the report Group Setup: Select reports you want to print along with payroll. Determine report criteria, print order, and quantity. Also schedule reports by setting a print frequency.
  • Schedule reports by setting a print frequency within groups
  • Detailed and Summary GL Posting reports
  • Complete list of reports

Product Overview

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Submitted on October 23rd, 2019 by Patriciah

Its a greatly reliable software

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