eCMS Cloud Construction ERP

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A construction management software offering equipment accounting and job cost systems.

Product Overview

eCMS Cloud Construction ERP provides various features like equipment accounting, maintenance, general ledger, human resources, and job cost systems. This software has comprehensive construction-specific accounting, job costing, and payroll functionality. It also provides reliable and accessible tools for remote job sites. eCMS handles large payroll and job cost journals, offering multiple data extraction and analysis methods.


  • Provides accounting and payroll functionality
  • Effective handling of union reporting
  • Reliable access for remote sites


  • Limited report customization
  • Job cost forecasting interface could be more streamlined

Target Market

A range of construction-related industries, including general, heavy highway/civil, industrial, petroleum and oil, electrical, mechanical, and specialty contractors.

About eCMS Cloud Construction ERP

eCMS Cloud Construction ERP software is designed for commercial contractors of any size, focusing on financial and operations management. The solution encompasses a wide range of functionalities:

eCMS Cloud Construction ERP Key Features

Financial Applications: Includes modules like General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable.

  • Accounts Payable: Manages transactions and distribution to various accounts, enhancing clerical productivity and improving cash flow.
  • Accounts Receivable: Maintains current balances, improves cash flow, and manages the billing process.
  • Project Management: Integrates with financial applications for seamless management of construction projects.

Content Management: Offers document imaging and electronic workflow to streamline company processes.

Business Intelligence: Provides tools for data access and analysis, including report generation and data mining.

Payroll Systems: Including a specialized Canadian Payroll System, focusing on labor cost control and compliance with government regulations.

Human Resources: Manages extensive employee data, tracks various employee-related information, and integrates with the Payroll System.

Job Cost System: Calculates project costs, offers control over job expenses, and integrates with the entire Construction Management System.

Order Processing/Inventory: Manages customer orders and inventory, integrated with other systems for cohesive management.

Equipment Management: Includes accounting and maintenance systems for tracking and managing company equipment.

Additional Modules and Tools: Such as Electronic Forms, Plant Sales, Purchasing, Service Request, and Time & Materials Billing, each offering specific functionalities tailored to the construction industry.

Each module and tool within eCMS is designed to enhance various aspects of construction management, from financial control to project management and operational efficiency. The integration of these modules within a single platform ensures a streamlined process and improved data management for construction companies.

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$25,000 /year
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of eCMS Cloud Construction ERP

Submitted on August 21st, 2018 by Eric Burnworth

We’ve been customers of Computer Guidance since 1984. We use electronic forms, dashboards, basic user level reports, advanced reporting, easy to use integrations, and most recently their mobile capability.

I talk to a lot of construction companies and they run into a lot of challenges in what they do, using different software. We’ve been able to overcome these by using Computer Guidance.

We’re a heavy highway construction company. We manage our own off and on-road fleet of equipment. We employ 1,000 people, and operate asphalt and ready mix concrete plants. eCMS lets us run all of our payables and receiables, pay our employees, track our job costing and have everything in one place.

My job is to eliminate as many steps along the way as we can. eCMS has let us do that by bringing data directly into our system via integrations so people don’t have to key in thousands of tickets each week. We will continue to use this software in the future and look forward to continuing our relationship.