McCormick Estimating Software

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An electrical, plumbing, and mechanical estimating software system designed by McCormick Systems, Inc.

Product Overview

McCormick Estimating Software is designed for the electrical, plumbing, and mechanical sectors. Key features include digital takeoff, automated tools for quick and accurate takeoffs, and streamlined bid processing. The platform ha over 25,000 pre-built assemblies and 55,000 items, making it a comprehensive solution for estimation needs.


  • Over 25,000 pre-built assemblies and 55,000 items
  • On-screen estimating feature for direct takeoff from plans


  • Complex for smaller scale contractors
  • Occasional system crashes reported

Target Market

Contractors in the construction industry specializing in electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and related fields.

About McCormick Estimating Software

McCormick also offers other estimating products tailored to different contractor sizes:

  • WIN 1000: Targeted at small contractors.
  • WIN 3000: Suitable for small to medium contractors.
  • WIN 4000: Designed for small to large contractors.

The software follows a structured approach to project estimation:

Step 1: Jobs

  • Streamlines new job setup with a dashboard featuring job tracking.
  • Includes a storage area for organizing and standardizing proposals and other documents.
  • Allows for storing photos from job walks or completed work alongside the estimate.
  • Facilitates note-taking and creating an easy-to-navigate interface of job information.
  • Offers a paste option to copy from previous templates or estimates for efficiency.

Step 2: Labels

  • Utilizes a unique 5-column labeling system (Takeoff breakouts) for categorizing materials and labor in various ways.
  • Simplifies the creation of labels for takeoff categorization.
  • Enables the generation of customizable reports based on the selected label sets.

Step 3: Takeoff

  • Offers a patented takeoff system for rapid and efficient estimation.
  • Supports basic and advanced takeoff options, allowing simultaneous takeoff of multiple items and assemblies.
  • Features a real-time on-screen audit trail for reviewing, sorting, and filtering takeoff data.
  • Saves takeoff data automatically, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Step 4: Extension

  • Provides a comprehensive list of reports, customizable to specific needs.
  • Allows for creating and customizing reports for added flexibility.
  • Supports setting up different levels of pricing and labor for each extension.
  • Facilitates comparison of prices from multiple local suppliers.
  • Generates material and labor reports automatically, integrating them into the bid summary.

Step 5: Bid Summary

  • Converts labor hours to labor dollars for accurate bidding.
  • Incorporates various costs such as supplier quotes, subcontractors, expenses, tool rental, taxes, markups, and profit.
  • Receives totals from the extension phase for integration into the bid summary.
  • Supports customizable graphs and schedules for project planning and management.


The software’s multi-window takeoff feature significantly enhances speed, claiming to be the fastest in the market.

Networking and Database

  • Offers versions for single users, local area networks (GOLD), and wide area networks (PLATINUM), catering to various organizational needs.
  • The core database includes extensive parts and assemblies for different industry sectors, with the ability to modify and customize these to fit specific needs.

Contractor Solutions and Automating

  • Systems designed to streamline and automate the estimating process, potentially cutting manual estimating time significantly.
  • Offers different methods for material takeoff, including keystroke input, on-screen estimating, and automated direct entry.

Software Support/Training Classes

  • Provides training classes in various locations and the option for on-site training.
  • Offers extensive software support with a highly trained technical support staff.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of McCormick Estimating Software

Submitted on August 23rd, 2021 by Daniel Daoust

Although new to McCormick Systems, already I find it very helpful, easy to use and resourceful - Yet, what impress me the most about your company is the customer service! I haven’t seen such a great service in years.

I’m stunned by the kindness, availability and helpfulness of everybody that I’ve dealt with.

For example: my salesman took hours from his time off at home to help me solve an issue and I always had the feeling that it was a pleasure for him to help me.

McCormick’s support team answered additional questions I had in a timely manner, all with the same kindness and dedication.

I just have one word to say for the experiences I’ve had with your company: “Wow”.

I would like to give a big thank you to my salesman as well as the support team that went above and beyond to solve my issues.

Great job!

Submitted on August 23rd, 2021 by Kent Nunamaker

Shortly introducing the Windows version into the operation. We had the ability to bid more jobs, and to be secure in that our bids were now more accurate than they had been.

And with the huge data base — which you can customize, and which we in fact did and do customize — you can have it any way you want.

It’s not a dramatic change, to use the system to estimate security. You use the same estimating process — you’ll just have a different database.