A construction project management software offering customizable templates and financial management tools.

Product Overview

Projectmates is a construction project management software for large-scale projects and real estate development. Key features include in-depth project organization, financial management capabilities, and customizable templates. Projectmates helps manage requests for information (RFIs), process submissions, create daily site reports, and upload site photographs.


  • Customizable project templates
  • Strong financial management features


  • Initial learning curve
  • Basic and non-shareable dashboard reports

Target Market

Large-scale construction projects and real estate developments, particularly in companies with a significant employee count ranging from 200 to 10,000+ staff.

About Projectmates

Projectmates Key Features

Construction Project Management

  • Document, Cost, and Workflow Management: Streamlines document handling, cost oversight, and workflow processes.
  • Project Planning and Schedule Management: Aids in planning and scheduling for efficient project execution.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Offers comprehensive data analysis and detailed reporting.

Online Collaboration and Communication

  • Web-Based Interface and Communication Tools: Facilitates online team collaboration and efficient document management.
  • Request Management: Simplifies submission and tracking of requests to enhance project focus.

Backup and Archive Module

Automated Backup: Includes customizable backup options, file organization, and email notifications for completed backups.

Bids and Plan Room Module

Bid Management for Managers and Bidders: Manages bid solicitation, document access, and electronic bid submissions, with built-in document viewers and detailed bid information.

Contract Management

Integrates modules like bid packages, subcontracts, purchase orders, invoices, budget, and more for comprehensive subcontractor and supplier coordination.

Document Management

Central Repository with Enhanced Features: Offers version control, file editing, customizable access, drag-and-drop uploads, and email notifications.


Customizable Data Collection Forms: Transforms paper documents to electronic formats with HTML editing, file attachments, and unlimited form creation.

Part Order Module

Streamlined Ordering System: Facilitates XML-based part and supply orders with customizable details and supplier shipment confirmations.

Portfolio Dashboard

Project Organization and Reporting: Groups projects into portfolios for enterprise reporting, integrates with other systems, and provides project status evaluations.

Schedule Module

Electronic Scheduling Tools: Converts traditional scheduling documents to electronic formats and integrates with other scheduling and office tools.

Workflow Management Module

Comprehensive Request and Approval Management: Includes contact and meeting management, team discussions, project element tracking, and online bid management.

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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Projectmates

Submitted on September 9th, 2021 by Ben H.

The State of Idaho chose Projectmates for our owner centric capital planning construction management software to replace the Division of Public Works’ outdated financial system and provide tools for document management, scheduling, and collaboration with state agencies, design professionals, and contractors for hundreds of projects.