Infor Supply Chain Planning

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Optimize inventory and performance with end-to-end supply chain planning software

About Infor Supply Chain Planning

Infor Supply Chain Planning (SCP), also known as Infor Demand Planning, balances supply and demand through modular applications to tackle key areas of complexity—all while making use of a shared, powerful, end-to-end platform. The platform provides solutions to help businesses with demand planning and sensing, supply planning, production planning and scheduling, inventory optimization, integrated business planning (IBP), and sales and operations planning.

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Infor Supply Chain Planning Features

Infor Supply Chain Planning is an end-to-end supply chain planning suite that includes:

Integrated Business Planning

  • Respond to changes and reconcile scheduling conflicts in real time
  • Adjust demand and supply plans as the market changes
  • Enhanced modeling capabilities
  • Minimize transportation costs
  • Improve the accuracy of demand and supply planning

Demand Planning

  • Built-in data series modeling and analytics
  • Statistical forecasting to optimize sales
  • Respond to changing market conditions in real time
  • Improve service levels

Supply Planning

  • Consider cost and constraints across the supply chain
  • Synchronize production with demand
  • Solve problems before they affect the supply chain
  • Respond to market changes quickly and confidently
  • Built-in scenario modeling

Production Scheduling

  • Lower transportation costs
  • Accurate, reliable demand and supply planning
  • Optimize production schedules for efficient flow and minimal downtime
  • Automated optimization techniques
  • Intuitive graphical planning board

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User Reviews of Infor Supply Chain Planning

Submitted on November 8th, 2021 by Kenji Maeda

There is very intense competition in the Japanese beer market nowadays. In the midst of all that, Kirin is able to formulate supply and demand plans in a speedy and efficient manner using Infor Supply Chain Planning. We believe that because of this, we will be able to deliver fresher and tastier beer to our customers, wherever and whenever they want.