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About Slim4

Optimal Supply Chain Management With Slim4 Software From Slimstock

Most companies are looking to strike a balance between working capital, operational costs and optimal service levels. Alongside this, it is vital that organizations spend their time and efforts on areas which provide the greatest returns. This is exactly the reason Slimstock developed Slim4. We have been helping our customers manage this balance for over 20 years.

Slim4 provides an integral solution for forecasting, demand planning and inventory control. It is a software add-on which can be easily, seamlessly and quickly integrated with every ERP system on the market. Inventory holding companies in every industry can benefit from Slim4. The software works on the basis of Management by Exception, which is supported by clear and reliable analysis. Consequently supply chains will see inventory being delivered at the right time, to the right place and in the right quantity.

We serve all industries and all companies that have money invested in inventory as well as consultants, accountants and financial institutions that advise clients on asset management.

Directly Noticeable Results

Slim4 balances out the working capital invested in inventory. As a result excess stock is eliminated while out-of-stock situations will become scarce; additionally the risk of stock becoming obsolete is reduced. On average Slimstock customers see an inventory reduction of 20% to 30% and product availability will increase. Slim4 also gives planners more time to communicate, greater visibility and enables many process improvements.

Return on Investment Within One Year

When investing in software the ROI and time of first use is of great importance. Slim4 is on average operational within 3 months and will only be sold to you when we can prove that your ROI will be within one year or less.

Why Would You Optimize Your Inventory With Slim4?

  • Minimize out of stocks and improve your service level: your customers won’t run to your competitors.
  • Reduce inventory costs: thanks to up-to-date parameters obsolete stock is kept at a minimum.
  • No excess stock anymore: on average, inventory is reduced by 20 to 30%.
  • Pro-active, efficient inventory management thanks to Management by Exception and simulations.
  • Return on Investment of one year or less.

Slimstock, Your Knowledge Partner in Demand Planning and Inventory Optimization

Founded in 1993, Slimstock is the market leader in Europe and becoming a global player in inventory optimization, with more than 600 customers and 5,000 users. We align strategic processes with tactical and operational processes by integrating the business rules of your organization. That way we offer the best solutions to all the stakeholders involved in your inventory management decision-making processes. The powerful combination of our Slim4 software, coupled with valuable knowledge and experience, is the key to our customers’ excellent performance.

Modules That Can Be Added to the Base Slim 4 Software:

  • ABC - This module helps you define exactly which products are most important to your organization. Invest your capital in the inventory of products that provides the best return and maximizes customer satisfaction through availability. *Cycle Count Pro – Allows you to continually improve your inventory count reliability by using small daily samples. It can reduce or eliminate the need for annual inventory counts.
  • Order Generator – This module will provide purchase order advice. It combines your purchasing conditions (MOQ, IOQ), and transport charges to determine the correct EOQ allowing your company to achieve higher purchase order discounts, lower transport charges and optimize inventory levels.
  • Promotions Module-The specially designed promotional module integrates promotions within your daily work so promotional stock can be assembled and disassembled in a timely manner. The additional expected demand for a promotion can be calculated per store and per article or the additional demand can be forecasted on a higher level and can automatically be divided over the different locations. Keep control of the fluctuations in promotions forecasting both past, present and future.

System Requirement:

  • Your ERP or legacy computer system
  • SQL server database

Product Overview

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