Endura FMS

An accounting software system designed by Gillani.

About Endura FMS

The result of over 17 years development and commercial use, the Endura Financial Management System (FMS) is a complete financial accounting solution designed for the needs of distribution companies and manufacturers working in diverse environments. The Endura FMS is a flexible and robust enterprise-wide suite of financial applications that manages multiple companies / divisions / currencies.

The Endura Financial Management System Includes the Following Applications:

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Fixed Assets
  • Credit Manager
  • Budget Manager

The financial management capabilities address the mission critical financial needs of the business. All modules are fully integrated with the Endura Order Management System (OMS). Together they comprise a complete end-to-end enterprise solution iDistribute, offering a unique combination of planning, execution, collaboration and monitoring capabilities delivering extraordinary business results for its users.

Endura Accounts Payable

Vendors demand immediate and accurate responses to their inquiries. And you need to know the best time to pay an invoice, given vendor terms and your current cash position. You need a way to easily record vendor purchasing, payment and invoice processing preferences. This is where Endura Accounts Payable System helps you to meet these demands.

Endura Accounts Payable System Gives You the Following Key Advantages:

  • Reduce data-entry keystrokes and improved accuracy.
  • Better vendor controls
  • Better control of invoices and payments
  • Improved cash management

Endura Accounts Receivable

Endura Accounts Receivable system makes your receivables a real-productive asset and increases your organization’s profits by helping you meet your goals of profitable credit sales, a strong cash flow, and strong management of customer risk.

Endura Accounts Receivable Handles the Following Functions:

  • Multiple options for invoicing
  • Cash receipts and cash/credit applications
  • Credit memos, debit memos, payment transfers, returns, and reversals

Endura Accounts Receivable Helps You To:

  • Reduce your organization’s bad debt loss.
  • Increase your accounts receivable and credit management staffs’ productivity.
  • Collect more customer deductions, such as unearned discounts.
  • Track disputed items until they are fully resolved.
  • Decrease the number of days to pay by customers, improving Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).
  • Automate most of the manual tasks.

Endura Budget Manager

Endura Budget Manager presents budget information in a spreadsheet format that can be easily understood at a glance, using a Microsoft ® Windows" -based user interface.

Endura Budget Manager gives you the ability to create many different types of budgets or forecasts, with as much or as little detail as you need. In addition, you can bring the actual data from Endura General Ledger into a spreadsheet program for analysis and revision. Security can be added to your budgets to prevent unauthorized users from viewing or tampering with the data. Endura FMS’ budgeting features encompass two different modules: Endura General Ledger and Endura Budget Manager. The budget is created and posted using the Endura General Ledger module. You employ Endura Budget Manager, to import and save the data to a spreadsheet for entry, revision, or review before checking back into the Endura General Ledger.

Endura Credit Manager

Endura Credit Manager is designed to complement the Endura Accounts Receivable module. It employs a unique Microsoft® Windows" user interface using a technique that makes Endura Credit Manager easy to learn and use, and presents credit information in ways that can be easily understood. Endura Credit Manager helps you to better manage the credit you extend to customers by providing your credit representatives with essential customer information at a glance, and giving them the tools that facilitate customer communications.

Endura Credit Manager allows credit representatives to maintain solid customer information, use this information to evaluate credit risk, monitor customer performance, and respond appropriately to your customers. Good credit management results in good customer relationships, and Endura Credit Manager gives your organization the tools to do this.

Endura Credit Manager Includes the Following Features:

  • Credit Actions
  • Aging
  • Payment History
  • Credit History
  • Customer Info
  • Credit Rating
  • Dunning and Customer Correspondence

Endura Fixed Assets

Endura Fixed Assets maintains a high level of accuracy and up-to-the-minute information about each of your fixed assets. Most importantly, it reduces the level of resources required to set up and to maintain these asset records.

Endura Fixed Assets has sophisticated functionality that can be customized to meet your demanding needs. Construction-in-progress accounting, complex parent-child asset relationships, depreciation projections and property tax reporting capabilities not only help you manage the complexities of fixed assets, but help you proactively manage financial information.

Some of the Many Benefits of Using Endura Fixed Assets Include:

  • Improved asset management
  • Integration with other Endura Applications
  • Define asset classes that incorporate the depreciation methods, recovery lives, and averaging conventions common to groups of assets, for easy asset setup.
  • Define an unlimited number of depreciation books, each of which may have its own depreciation method, depreciation life, and averaging convention.
  • Define an unlimited number of custom depreciation schedules that are specific to your organization

Endura General Ledger

Endura General Ledger System handles the following Financial Management and Accounting functions:

  • Ad-hoc Inquiry and drill-down
  • Financial reporting
  • Processing and posting of journals
  • Ledger audit reports and trial balances
  • Budgeting
  • Allocations

Endura General Ledger Gives You the Following Advantages:

  • Integration with all Endura Applications
  • Fast and easy access to current information
  • Flexibility to fit your organization’s structure
  • Powerful financial reporting
  • Distributed processing

Endura General Ledger system is designed for you to take strategic advantages by tightly integrating your financial operations with other parts of your organization, such as order processing, inventory management, and purchasing controls.

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