Benevity Grants Management

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Grants management platform from Benevity, Inc.

About Benevity Grants Management

Benevity acquired Versaic to expand their online grants management software solution. Benevity allows you to track grant applications, manage grant programs, view grant funding summaries, collect user reviews, and more. The application form is customizable to match your brand, as well as collect relevant information based on the size or type of grant. Benevity offers a full suite of functionality that allows you to manage your entire grant program including budgets, documentation, email correspondence, employee engagement, reporting, and more.

Spend more time focusing on developing strategies and partnerships by reducing repetitive administrative tasks with Benevity.


  • Custom Online Application Forms
  • Automated Applicant Verification
  • Custom Reports
  • Automated Surveys
  • International Capabilities
  • ROI Evaluations

Product Overview

User Reviews of Benevity Grants Management

Submitted on September 17th, 2019 by a Benevity Grants Management user from AstraZeneca

One of the most customer-focused teams I have ever worked with. Their technology has reduced our administrative workload by 50%.