Grant management suite including scholarship lifecycle and grant lifecycle management.

Product Overview

Foundant Technologies offers a comprehensive suite of grant management software solutions, designed to cater to the philanthropic and non-profit sectors. Their products, including Scholarship Lifecycle Manager (SLM), Grant Lifecycle Manager (GLM), and GrantHub, are crafted to streamline and enhance the efficiency of grant-related processes.


  • Integrated ecosystem between SLM, GLM, and GrantHub
  • Detailed and customizable reporting


  • Learning curve for advanced features
  • May be cost-prohibitive for very small organizations

Target Market

Community foundations, scholarship providers, nonprofits, and grant consultants. Can support smaller teams under 50 employees to larger organizations with over 1,000.

About Foundant

Foundant Technologies offers a suite of grant management software designed to streamline and enhance the grant application and management process for various organizations. The software solutions include Grant Lifecycle Manager (GLM), Scholarship Lifecycle Manager (SLM), and GrantHub, each tailored to meet specific needs.

  • Grant Lifecycle Manager (GLM): GLM is a cloud-based grant management software that streamlines the grantmaking process. It offers online grant applications, form customization, auto-save for applicants, collaborative draft access, and online review capabilities. GLM enhances transparency with online grant agreements and automated follow-ups, and collects diverse data for flexible funder needs. It also simplifies program management with integrated reporting and data analysis.
  • Scholarship Lifecycle Manager (SLM): SLM is a cloud-based tool for managing scholarships, grants, and bursaries. It simplifies application processes with customizable forms and a Universal Application feature. SLM matches students to suitable scholarships and streamlines third-party documentation collection. Its online review process facilitates organized evaluations, and the software manages post-acceptance processes, including tracking multi-year awards. SLM also provides comprehensive data collection for reporting and analytics.
  • GrantHub: Designed for nonprofits, GrantHub centralizes grant management to enhance efficiency and success. It consolidates grant application and portfolio management, ensuring compliance and credibility. GrantHub assists in meeting deadlines, task prioritization, and team collaboration, and supports unlimited document attachment. It tracks grant revenue and expenses, promoting accountability and transparency. The software also provides tools for analyzing grant data to improve grant pipeline health and program performance.

For Grantmakers


  • Application management for review and tracking.
  • System-based email communication with applicants.
  • Comprehensive document management and sharing.
  • Detailed grant report management.
  • Customizable reporting tools.
  • Budget management and oversight.


  • Integration with GuideStar for easy applicant profile downloads.
  • Feature allowing applicants to reuse previous responses, enhancing application efficiency.
  • Simplified evaluator assignment for applications.
  • Exclusive access code setup for select applications.

For Community Foundations


Donor Management & Online Funding:

  • Comprehensive grant catalog.
  • Event ticketing system.
  • Strong donor management.
  • Streamlined credit card processing for online donations.
  • Extensive nonprofit directory.

Fund Accounting, Events Management, & CRM:

  • Detailed balance sheets and financial tracking.
  • Customizable accounts chart.
  • Full-fledged event management capabilities.
  • Comprehensive donor information management.

Grants & Scholarships:

  • Grantee portal for account creation and information updates.
  • Efficient charity check processes.
  • Customizable award letter templates.
  • Award approval and denial system.
  • Grant status tracking.


  • Simplified grant application process for applicants.
  • Charity check system ensuring due diligence.
  • Integration with various systems including fund accounting, donor portals, and CRM.

For Grantseekers


  • Comprehensive funder management.
  • Management of grant opportunities.
  • Efficient document management system.
  • Collaboration tools for grant applications.
  • Generation of report summaries.


  • Visibility into past, current, and future grant opportunities.
  • Centralized storage for grant-related documents and data.
  • Tracking of grant success rates, deadlines, and statuses.

For Scholarship Providers


  • Student portal for application management.
  • Notification system for application deadlines.
  • Evaluator assignment for scholarship applications.
  • Document management capabilities.
  • Application approval or denial processes.
  • Detailed reporting tools.


  • Streamlined application process for students.
  • Automated notifications for documentation submissions.
  • Time-saving features for applicants, including the ability to reuse past responses.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Foundant

Submitted on September 17th, 2019 by Jennifer Dolge

The reporting is incredible, we can get any data we need and the grant catalog has transformed the way our community gives to nonprofits. It has been a fabulous system with an easy to use interface and excellent support.

Submitted on September 17th, 2019 by Becky Franks

GrantHub has changed the way we create new proposals. Now my entire team can easily find and copy our best responses without spending hours of time searching through past grant proposals, which is fantastic!

Submitted on May 23rd, 2017 by Lexi Oestreich

We are a small team, and this has helped me immensely, simply because I can get through a lot of things a lot quicker. I can touch a lot of areas of the grant application and evaluation process with our committees and with our grantees and strengthen the relationships all the way around - because I’m not sifting through a mountain of paperwork.