A multi-module management system designed by Information Development Consultants for non-profit organizations.

About PlusFund

Fund Accounting, Encumbrance Accounting, and Budgets for Government and Not-for-Profits

The _Plus_Fund software from iDC extends the capabilities of Sage MAS 500® to local governments, state agencies, not-for-profit organizations, airports, school districts, park districts, public service agencies, social service organizations, housing authorities, churches, and other foundations and agencies who use fund accounting to allocate and to manage their financial resources

_Plus_Fund uses the Sage integrated General Ledger, Purchasing, Payables, and Budget components and ties them together with the necessary Fund Balancing, Appropriation Control, Budget Control, and Encumbrance Accounting to fully meet the requirements of Fund Accounting. A hierarchy of control for each of these requirements is created, and used for entry, inquiry and reporting.

_Plus_Fund is fully integrated with Microsoft Office and Sage MAS 500 product. It was written using the AVT tools from Sage, Visual Basic and Microsoft SQL.

Encumbrance Accounting

The PlusFund Purchase Order and Accounts Payable additions provide control and accounting for financial obligations from the time a purchase request is submitted until the vendor payment is completed. Funds may have an administrative commitment or be encumbered, with budget availability verified at the point of original entry.

Features Include:

  • A multi-step approval process for purchase requests to become an approved Purchase Order. Purchasing requests are entered at the department level, with budget availability verified, and contracts checked. The unissued Purchase Order is then directed through a multi-step review and approval process until it is finalized, and ready for issue. All of the review levels and authority are in a user-defined table and under your complete control.

  • Recording of Encumbrances in detail in the month the Purchases Order is issued. Changes, additions and deletions are also maintained to keep an accurate balance of funds encumbered.

  • Encumbrances are automatically liquidated, in part or in full, as vouchers for payment are entered.

Fund Accounting

PlusFund uses the MAS 500 Natural Account Segments as the basis to generate all of the necessary checks and balances for Fund Accounting, Budgetary Control, and Grant/Project/ Program Accounting in a single integrated system.

Traditionally, accounting information, budgets, and statistics are recorded at a very detailed low level. But when managers want to review information it is often at a higher level - by summary level groupings of accounts, departments, grants, or locations.

In PlusFund, we have designed Super Segments that permit you to define how you want to report and summarize your information. This is a hierarchy for Organizations, Projects, Grants, Accounts, Funds- any of the segments that need a rollup of information to a higher level. For any account segment, a Super Segment is easily attached to provide additional, nonimbedded coding and structure for use in inquiry, reporting, budgeting and analysis.

Grant/Project/Program Accounting

The PlusFund modules include the ability to monitor and track multi-year projects, programs, and grants.

By setting up the PlusFund Super Segments with specific project information (such as start and end dates, what to do about lapsing/non-lapsing funding, etc.) the MAS 500 General Ledger and the PlusFund modules report revenue and costs for specific activities for any given fiscal year(s), and serve as the basis for planning, budgeting, and evaluating these activities.

On-Line Budgetary Control

Managers, program directors, and individual department heads can establish spending and revenue collection budgets. As a result, they can identify and correct any deviations long before budgets are exceeded, which in turn permits more effective financial management.

PlusFund manages your budget before any expenditures can be made. If you have money you can spend it. If not, a higher level of approval (or disapproval) must be made. This is up-to-the-minute appropriation control.

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