A software system designed by AIM Computer Solutions.

About AIM Vision

AIM Vision is the manufacturer’s one-stop solution for managing their most crucial functions. This highly customizable software consists provides an opportunity for phased implementation while addressing the unique needs of the modern manufacturer such as:

  • EDI
  • Bar code labeling
  • Processes for shipping
  • Inventory control and ordering modules
  • Workflow charting and recording production transactions
  • Labor efficiencies and scrap reports
  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES)–which tracks parts production and movement

From the shop floor to the front office, AIM Vision keeps every element of the manufacturing process trackable, traceable and efficient.

AIM Vision Features

The features of AIM Vision can be broken down into groups:

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Secure B2B Data Exchange

EDI formats supported: ANSI ASC X.12, UN/EDIFACT. ODETTE, and VDA

Customer EDI:

  • Inbound Purchase Order (850/ORDERS/ORDERR/4925)
  • Outbound Purchase Order Acknowledgements (855/ORDRSP/REPORD/4926)
  • Inbound Purchase Order Change – buyer initiated (865/ORDCHG)
  • Outbound Purchase Order Change Acknowledgment – seller initiated (865/ORDRSP)
  • Inbound Planning Schedule with Release Capability (830/DELFOR/DELINS/4905/4984)
  • Inbound Shipping Schedule (862/DELJIT/CALDEL/4915/4985)
  • Inbound Production Sequence (866)
  • Outbound ASN Manifest Dispatch (856/DESADV/AVIEXP/4913/4987)
  • Outbound Functional Acknowledgement (997/CONTRL)
  • Outbound Application Advice (824/APERAK)
  • Inbound Receiving Advice (861/RECADV/4989)
  • Inbound and Outbound Invoices (810/INVOIC/4906/4938)
  • Inbound Payment Order or Remittance Advice (820/REMADV/4907/4988)
  • Outbound Price Sales Catalog (832/PRICAT)
  • Outbound Material Claim (847)
  • Outbound Inventory Advice (846)
  • Inbound Message Text (864)

**Supplier EDI: **

  • Outbound Planning Schedule (830)
  • Outbound Shipping Schedule (862)
  • Inbound Advance Ship Notice (856)
  • Outbound Receiving Advice (861)

Automated ASN transmissions

  • Cancel/Resend ASN (856/DESADV) and Invoice (810/INVOIC) Utility
  • EDI Communications Dashboard monitors process and events
  • EDI event scheduling for inbound/outbound events
  • EDI exception reporting
  • Email notifications for received EDI transmissions
  • Resend Application Advice (824) Utility
  • Resend Material Claim (847) Utility

Supply Chain Management

Order / Demand Management

  • Alerts advise of changes in order demand
  • Customer and Supplier accum quantity management
  • Firm and forecasted demand management
  • Release History Net Change tracking and reporting

Shipping & Logistics Execution

  • Carrier consolidation shipment management
  • Customer Container Management
  • Direct bulk shipments
  • Expedited shipment tracking
  • Hazardous Material Coding
  • Kanban management
  • OEM specific shipping paperwork (
  • Pool distribution shipment management
  • Shipping paperwork (Packing List, Straight Bill of Lading, Master Bill of Lading, Customs Commercial Invoice, Export Papers, Certificate of Origin)
  • Tare Weight calculations

Bar Code Labeling

  • Master
  • Mixed
  • Serial (Container)
  • Destination
  • Sub Pack
  • Part Sequence labels

OEM specific labeling:

  • General Motors Trilingual Labels
  • Toyota One Way Kanban Labels
  • Honda Quick Receive Labels
  • Honda Delivery Batch Labels
  • MOPAR labels
  • Item / MRO Labels for MOPAR, Toyota Motor Sales, Nissan Service, Mazda Accessory, Subaru, Paccar, BMW, and Ford (Mustang)

Inventory Control

  • ABC inventory management
  • Barcoded physical inventory counting
  • Catch weight inventory tracking
  • Commodity code classifications
  • Consignment inventory
  • Cycle counting
  • Drop-shipping and cross-docking
  • Intelligence reports and analytics
  • Inventory backflush
  • Inventory concern and returns tracking
  • Inventory consumption
  • Inventory kitting
  • Inventory Value reporting by warehouse
  • Item engineering revision management
  • Item expiration management
  • Item Type classification and reporting
  • Item-level document management
  • Just in Time (JIT) inventory management
  • Location: bin tracking
  • Location: item tracking
  • Lot Control management: break, split, merge
  • Min/Max Stock level tracking
  • Obsolete Item tracking
  • Physical Inventory and cycle count reporting
  • Purchasing & Stocking UOM
  • Real-time inventory transaction tracking
  • Real-time physical / cycle count variance reporting
  • Traceability: Lot / batch numbers
  • Traceability: serial numbers
  • Tracking: barcoding
  • Vendor Lead Time by Item
  • Warehouse management / inventory tracking of parts at outside processors
  • Warehouse management and stock transfers
  • Wastage tracking

Purchase Order

  • Firm and Planning requirements creation
  • PO Creation from MRP
  • PO document and amendment creation
  • PO requisitions and approval chain management
  • PO status tracking
  • PO/vendor packing slip/invoice three-way matching
  • Purchase Price Variance (PPV) tracking and reporting
  • Receiving management
  • Vendor database
  • Vendor Order EDI capabilities
  • Vendor Order Email capabilities
  • Vendor Performance tracking
  • Warranty Maintenance Tracking

Bill of Material / Routing

  • Component Mass Change Utility
  • Manufacturing Item Notes
  • Outside Processing gain/loss tracking
  • Outside Processing Management
  • Part Routing and BOM management
  • Phantom item management
  • Substitute item categorization and tracking
  • Tool Master controls

Production control / Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

  • Disposition and rework tracking
  • Indirect cost tracking
  • Labor efficiency tracking & reporting
  • Line side shipping label printing at manufacturing work center for the last process step
  • Manufacturing waste management
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness reporting
  • Production and raw material scrap tracking and reporting
  • Production downtime tracking and reporting
  • Production efficiency tracking & reporting
  • Real-time production transaction reporting
  • Timekeeping and clock-in/clock-out
  • Workcenter lot queue load


  • Capacity Requirements Planning (finite loading or infinite loading)
  • Demand forecasting
  • Digital scheduling whiteboard
  • Equipment maintenance scheduling
  • Master production scheduling
  • Material Resource Planning
  • Production cost reporting
  • Purchasing planning
  • Sales & Operations Planning (asset utilization)
  • Sales Forecast Reporting (revenue estimating)
  • Scheduling and production patterns
  • Scheduling MRP Profile by Item Inquiry
  • Shop calendar controls
  • Shop floor control
  • Shop floor control
  • Tooling life estimation

Manufacturing Costs

  • Backflush costing – product costing methods
  • Contribution Margin Reporting
  • Cost tracking by Product Line
  • Costed Sales Forecast Reporting
  • Inventory Valuation Reporting by Item, Item Type and GL Class Code
  • Standard Cost Rollup for WIP and FG evaluations
  • Standard, Budgeted and Actual Cost tracking
  • Tracking material, labor, variable, fixed and general & administrative (G&A) overhead and freight costs of all manufactured items

Job Cost

  • Job cost categorization by labor, materials, equipment, subcontractors, etc.
  • Cost tracking by job phase
  • Purchase order and customer payment tracking
  • Real-time cost-tracking

Project Management

  • Document attachment and management
  • Due dates and deadline management
  • Project status tracking
  • Resource planning and use tracking
  • Task management/assignments
  • Time tracking

Estimates, Quotes & Proposal Software

  • Subcontractor cost estimating
  • Material cost estimating
  • Labor cost estimating

Accounts Payable

  • Aging & Standard reports
  • Purchased Price Variance Tracking
  • PO / vendor packing slip / invoice three-way matching

Accounts Receivable

  • Aging & Standard reports
  • Freight invoicing by base cost, cost per container cost per weight or weight overage cost
  • Invoice Creation
  • Retroactive billing with capabilities to issue invoice or credit memo
  • Third-party freight billing
  • VAT Tax calculations

General Ledger

  • Income statement & balance sheet reports
  • Integrated GL Distributions for Inventory Adjustment Entry, Lot Adjustment Entry, Variance Count Update, Container Movement and Customer Returns
  • Sales Allocation for Tooling Amortization
  • Track Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) for absorption in P&L and balance sheet

Overall Features

  • Business Analytic and Key Performance Indicator Dashboards
  • Integrated Mobile Apps for improved factory operations: Shipping, Receiving, Physical Inventory, Production Clipboard, MES, Container Move, Warehouse Transfers and Consumption, Location Tracking, and Dock Quality Audit Tracking
  • Report Query Writing Tools with Excel Export
  • Screen notes to save instructions or operating procedures
  • Screen scaling
  • Table-based field level security
  • User menus
  • User security and security groups

AIM Vision Pricing

The cost of AIM Vision starts at $3,420 upfront and $120/user/month thereafter. The software varies in price mostly on the per user per month cost. There is no free trial available. There is no free version available.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of AIM Vision

Submitted on August 16th, 2020 by Anonymous

Running MRP & CRP through the purchasing module makes my life that much easier. Once my employees update their systems, I can have all the materials for the week ordered within 20 minutes.

The Digital Whiteboard is literally running our whole shop floor. I can see how much to run, what is running at each work center, and can move things around to accommodate other jobs.

I have a 98% inventory accuracy utilizing AIM Vision, the MES functions and AIM Mobility MES mobile apps.

Submitted on August 16th, 2020 by Anonymous

After implementing AIM we were able to reduce our required staff from 7 to 3 full-time supervisor employees for our 80 person production facility.

Submitted on August 16th, 2020 by Anonymous

AIM has helped us because EDI, ASN and Bar Codes are seamlessly integrated into the software so we never have to have a special person handling it.

Submitted on August 16th, 2020 by Anonymous

AIM Vision has been an excellent vehicle to streamline and our shipping processes and improve our efficiencies to shipping product and supporting our customers. So much so, that General Motors has recognized us as a Supplier of the Year recipient. We feel that the AIM Vision system has been instrumental in improving all facets of our business.

Submitted on August 16th, 2020 by Anonymous

The software has provided us with a great solution for Repetitive Manufacturing and is very strong in providing a solid solution for EDI, Inventory Control, Production Posting, Purchasing, Shipping and Receiving. On the Accounting side the software talks seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Overall, we have been happy with the Support from AIM and the overall software. Great Group of people and they are based out of Michigan. Prior to AIM Vision, we used another ERP package for over 7-years and walked away from it; then moved over to AIM Vision.