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BrightEye’s core business is the development of high-quality and robust MES software. MES stands for Manufacturing Execution System. This is an IT layer between the administrative ERP systems and the machinery on the shop floor / operational control systems.

MES exchanges real time production data between these layers.

Functioning of Manufacturing Execution System

Without this MES intermediate layer, production orders are usually entered manually from the data in the ERP system. Production lines are controlled on the basis of these data. This manual input requires time and there are often errors.

Operational control systems in turn generate data about the production process. This data is often stored in separate systems, so you do not have a general overview of production.

MES software automates this flow and ensures automated data exchange between these two layers. MES automatically sends production orders from the ERP system to the shop floor. The orders are optimally planned (taking account of available resources) and MES converts the raw data that the operational control systems generate into clear reports that immediately offer a clear view of the production process. In this way decision-makers can analyse and improve all operational and production processes in real time.

Advantages of Manufacturing Executing System

  • Error incidence falls.
  • Constant quality can be guaranteed.
  • There are no more stock problems.
  • Personnel and orders are scheduled in detail.
  • All knowledge is centrally managed and can be consulted at the right time.
  • You can react more flexibly to market demand.

These are all things that can mean a serious profit increase for a business!

MES Software Market

The fact that MES is rapidly expanding is evidence by the following figures. The MES market was estimated to be worth $ 6.76 billion in 2014 and will double to an estimated $ 12.66 billion by 2020. (Source: Global Trends & Expectations 2014-2020.) This means that a large number of industrial businesses have in the meanwhile seen the major advantages of MES software and process automation and plan to acquire a MES in the short term or to replace their current system.

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