Cantier MES

A software system designed by Cantier.

About Cantier MES

Smart manufacturing is top most business concern now. Those who embrace smart manufacturing are true winners.

Industry 4.0-aligned Cantier MES is a smart manufacturing-ready solution collecting and analyzing data from IoT-enabled devices. This provides real-time and accurate information leading to data-driven decisions.

Typical manufacturing facilities of today are a patchwork of manual processes and software systems developed decades ago. The roadblocks to incremental improvements in those systems can be costly, if support resources can be found. When these old systems go down, it can seriously impact your business. Although there are software companies who offer modern Manufacturing Execution System (MES Software) applications, nearly all are too costly and not all Shop floor functions they have, like Finite Scheduling, Product Costing, etc. Therefore, companies are left with the dilemma of limping along with old, poorly supported software tools and paper based manual systems. Manufacturers who survive ever increasing stake holder expectations now and in the future, must automate their business processes.

Cantier MES provides a cost effective, state of the art, fully integrated MES software suite. This suite provides manufacturers total control over their dynamic shop floor environment. MES collects, organizes and presents data from the manufacturing floor, in user defined formats. Decision makers are provided with historical, as well as real time data. Real time data prevents everyday problems from getting out of control. Cantier MES provides information that will reveal the shortest path for your company to achieve its goals.

Key Benefits:

  • Better lot planning, as a result of more in depth understanding of line flow
  • Better product traceability
  • Reduced manufacturing cycle time and late customer shipments
  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • More accurate and meaningful manufacturing and engineering data collection
  • Better understanding of equipment utilization and OEE
  • Reduce Scrap and Cost
  • An enabler to paperless manufacturing

Product Overview

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