MES for manufacturers to gain visibility, accuracy, and control


IMCO - CIMAG MES know manufacturing is not a “one size fits all” industry, which is why this software is designed for smaller businesses to increase efficiency and lower operating costs. As an MES, IMCO adds visibility, accuracy, and control to today’s competitive manufacturing environment.

This software offers a state-of-the-art scheduling module which minimizes idle time, reduces setup or disassembly time, and improves staging. Strong quality control features lower costs with real-time visibility across the entire company.

There are several modules available, including:

  • Energy Management System
  • Computer Learning
  • Time Attendance
  • Facility Access

Additionally, IMCO - CIMAG MES seamlessly integrates with any ERP or legacy systems. Since a lot of smaller manufacturers are using Fishbowl for their inventory management, this software fully integrates with Fishbowl, so manufacturers can streamline their production and increase their profits.

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  • Logistics
  • Product flow
  • Energy management
  • Scheduling
  • Data acquisition
  • Labor management
  • Performance analysis
  • Process management
  • Resource management
  • Document management
  • Machine control
  • Quality management
  • Maintenance management
  • Traceability and product genealogy


There are several modules available for CIMAG MES:

Energy Management System

The EMS module allows supervisors’ and managers’ to view consumption data, like usage and analytics, in real time. The information can be displayed on managers’ and supervisors’ computers via a dashboard. This consumption data shows the manager a visual breakdown of each machine.

  • Increase Energy Efficiency and Overall Productivity
  • Balance Production
  • Determine Best Energy Source Combination for Operations
  • Track Water Consumption & C02 Footprint

Computer Learning

IMCO Computer Learning software learns and predicts process anomalies and equipment failures before unplanned downtime occurs. Computer Learning software makes machines smarter by learning the behavior of critical assets, predicting operational and maintenance events, improving production planning, performance and efficiency.

  • Real-time Analytics & Machine Learning on Edge
  • Full Visibility of maintenance events side by side with the production schedule
  • IIoT open platform for Industrial Assets
  • Full integration with IMCO – CIMAG MES
  • Video recording
  • Data Visualization and Reporting
  • Big Data Historian
  • Remote Access capabilities
  • Offline Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Transfer Learning

Time Attendance

Time Attendance module is a web application providing an easy and automated way to manage personnel activity.

  • Workforce scheduling
  • Management of complex time cycles
  • Management of absenteeism, leave and overtime
  • Management of the variable elements of payroll
  • Analytical management of labor
  • Activity monitoring

Facility Access

Access module is a complete and automated solution of surveillance and access to facilities and special areas within the facilities.

  • Control access through doors and barriers
  • Control access using badges (swipe cards), PIN codes or bio-metrics
  • Control entrance and exit at the individual authorization level
  • Track and report access attempts
  • Fire and other emergency alarms
  • Detect doors and windows’ states
  • Alert by email, SMS or pages

Industries Served

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Medical
  • Metal and Metal Fabrication
  • Pharmaceutical Plastic Processing


There are a few ways to purchase IMCO - CIMAG MES. First, you can outright buy the perpetual license for a one-time fee. Second, you can opt for monthly payments based on how many machines you need and years you will use the service.

A turn key, stand-alone system or one integrated with Fishbowl, hardware included, a set-up for 4 machines $16,630.00. Along with this perpetual license, there are other plans based on monthly payments ranging from $361.16 a month for 4 machines over 5 years up to $782.44 a month for 4 machines over 2 years. The turn key implementations include integration with other systems and all hardware necessary. If your business compatible hardware, IMCO will make use of that hardware as well.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of IMCO - CIMAG MES

Submitted on May 5th, 2021 by Nick G.

IMCO - CIMAG MES offers a customized solution that gives us a lot of value for our money. Our Customers are really impressed with our process control and traceability. IMCO is flexible and easy to interface with other systems.

Submitted on May 5th, 2021 by Daniele P.

The Traceability module is one of the best functionalities of IMCO - CIMAG MES. We were able to customize the traceability function to meet our needs for production. The software is seamlessly integrated with our ERP.

Submitted on May 5th, 2021 by Antoine D.

The IMCO - CIMAG MES system is flexible and adpated well to our specific needs. IMCO - CIMAG MES has decreased our WIP by 40% and has established clear communication between workers.