A scalable, flexible, MES framework solution for custom factory automation.


PEER FACTORY from The PEER Group is a collection of feature sets for building a custom factory automation solution, like a Manufacturing Execution System (MES). The software engineers combinde the feature sets to design custom solutions to meet unique manufacturing requirements for a custom factory automation solution.

PEER FACTORY is scalable–meaning you start with a simple data collection system for a single tool and grow it into a full-scale manufacturing IT system using the same common robust architecture. PEER FACTORY components will help reflect your expanding automation requirements.

PEER FACTORY combines the strengths of both enterprise and SCADA/HMI MES products while minimizing associated risks and costs. The proven, field-ready modules are deployed as required instead of being bundled with unwanted modules within a larger IT system. Building upon the core foundation of data collection and data management, functional modules are implemented easily and robustly. Configuration drives the data collection and distribution and the standard PEER FACTORY modules perform specific business functions to monitor or run your facility.

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PEER FACTORY Features and Highlights

The framework of proven components and automation software includes tool connectivity, data management, user interface development, and information delivery directly into your ERP software or other corporate systems.

High-Performance Storage and Retrieval

  • Relational databases (Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle)
  • Hybrid storage system (database and binary files) to boost performance
  • Open and accessible data model for external reference

Data Collection

  • Equipment data merged with context data
  • Configurable data collection plans
  • Allows for varied data sources (SECS/GEM, OPC, flat file)
  • Provides fast, easy deployments of reliable and secure data management


  • Shares data streams across applications
  • Allows for seamless integration of PEER FACTORY models
  • Web services transport for firewall friendly connectivity

Flexible Deployment Models

  • Simple data collection
  • MES/ERP interface to equipment
  • MES functional modules

Scalable Deployment

  • Can run on low-cost servers and PCs
  • Distribute components over a factory network
  • Scales from single point to line to factory to enterprise data collection and consolidation

Visualization Tools

  • Real-time data viewer
  • Off-the-shelf reports (OEE, genealogy, defect pareto charts)
  • Report management infrastructure

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