Wonderware MES/Operations

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A software system designed by Wonderware.

About Wonderware MES/Operations

Industrial automation systems are capable of long hours of operation on their own, but someone must tell them exactly what to make and where, when and how to make it. Plant manufacturing strategy defines this; plant supervisors and operators execute it; and MES software synchronizes every step of the way; giving them the power to control operations, performance and quality.

Users Report the Following Results:

  • Reduced production order lead time
  • Improved inventory velocity
  • Improve predictability of order fulfillment
  • Reduce time-to-volume for new product introductions
  • Lower variance in production results
  • Improved compliance and governance
  • Reduced production costs
  • Improve profitability
  • Secure brand equity
  • Increased customer satisfaction

What Is MES/Operations?

Bring order to just about any industrial operation – from localized production cells to full-scale enterprise integration. Replace disparate applications or manual methods with a single, easy-to-use work order execution engine. Your teams can access job schedules, bills of materials, product specifications, work instructions, inventory utilization, product genealogy, material traceability and all other key production elements - in action, in consort and in context.

Manage work order execution, enforce products build to specification and capture all execution detail and material flow information in real time on the shop floor.

Such coordination can increase efficiencies, reduce errors, improves quality and increase product yields dramatically. Inventory turns faster, production lead times shrink, new products get to market faster and much else.

Production and Inventory Management Is an Integral Part of Wonderware MES/Operations

Wonderware MES Software/Operations helps manufacturing companies manage, execute and document production operations by capturing, monitoring and managing information about the “Who, What, When, Where, Why and How Much”

Why Automate Operations?

With reliable, real-time production information, managers and operators are better equipped to streamline order flow and production execution, track the transformation of products from raw materials through finished goods and evaluate yield, quality, resource utilization and asset management better. And as the IIoT evolves along with workflow software advances, human and machine operations will become increasingly more efficient.

Management Will See:

  • Reduced production costs by optimizing product runs and work schedules with less changeover time
  • Improved profitability by increasing throughput, reducing scrap and rework and providing higher quality products
  • Secured brand equity with fast and effective responses to unforeseen events or product quarantine/recalls
  • Increased customer satisfaction by increasing transparency in order fulfillment, effective quality documentation and reducing variance in products built to customer specifications/orders

Operations Teams Will See:

  • Reduced production order lead time for rapid responses to changes in demand by dynamic allocation of production assets and more granular production planning
  • Improved inventory velocity through increased visibility into actual material consumptions, movements and inventory levels
  • Improved predictability of order fulfillment by monitoring accurate ‘planned vs. actual’ production quantities
  • Reduced time-to-volume for new product introductions with quick ‘change-overs’ between products and lines
  • Lower variance in production results by improved consistency in operational activities
  • Improved compliance and governance through complete electronic system records for ‘as planned’ and ‘as built’ information

Product Overview

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