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Whether you are looking for an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS), a Real Estate Management solution or an integrated business management platform: Axxerion has the perfect solution for you. The cloud-based software solutions can easily be adapted to your own business processes. And what’s more, you only pay for what you actually use.

Axxerion offers professional, web-based software solutions, allowing you to work on various business processes in close cooperation with your co-workers, partners, customers and suppliers. The unique workflow management approach allows for processes to be adapted to your specific company style.

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Axxerion is available as a hosted service through the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. You do not have to invest in hardware or software, and you can get started immediately. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection. In contrast to most ‘one-size-fits-all’ systems, Axxerion can be implemented quickly and easily.

Asset Management

It is often case that superfluous inventory purchases, for inventory available elsewhere within the organization, lead to unnecessary costs. It can also be the case that hiring contracts can be extended unnecessarily even though the equipment is no longer in use.

The asset management module allows you to fully manage your physical and digital inventory, such as software licenses, computers, furniture and vehicles. You will be able to keep track of maintenance costs and see who the users are. The module can be adapted to any group of users by configuring the access privileges to fields and functionalities. You will be able to specify your own procedures for the creation and editing of data using the workflow module. Functions specific to your organization can be added on request.

Key Features:

Categories and Fields: You will be able to create categories to order the inventory and catalog. catalog items can be arranged into several categories. You will also be able to create specific fields for categories. The ‘computer’ category will for example contain fields such as ‘memory’ and ‘disc size’, to only save information relevant to computers.

Catalog: The catalog allows you to manage descriptions, prices and other information concerning items that need to be ordered. You can link inventory items to items in the catalog, allowing to see to where such an item is used in your organization.

Digital File: All documents relating to a certain item can be saved and reviewed online, e.g. manuals, licensing agreements, photos or instruction videos.

Distribution: You will be able to track the status of each and every company resource to see who has used it and ensure that any costs are passed on. If someone leaves the organizations, you will be able to ensure all company goods are returned.

Maintenance: Each item can be linked to one or more maintenance schedules, meter readings or reserve parts. Timely maintenance saves costs and prevents malfunctions. You will be able to plan maintenance in a preventive and pre-emptive manner and keep an eye on the total amount spent on maintenance as well the duration thereof. You will be able to see when the warranty expires and prevent repair costs due to ignorance as to warranty validity.

Operational Costs: All costs of depreciation, maintenance and operation will be tracked. This allows you to compare total cost of ownership between resources and find out where costs can be saved.

GIS Integration

The Axxerion GIS integration module helps you to keep track of property locations and analyze your geographical coverage. The GIS integration works with free maps provided by Google Maps and ESRI ArcGIS. Property locations and parcel shapes are displayed on a street map or on a topographic map, and you can quickly switch between map types. The thematic mapping functions enable you to set the color of markers and shapes based on different parameters such as occupancy, energy usage or sales status.

Key Features:

Display Locations: Property locations are displayed as markers on a map. You can specify a different marker shape for each property or property type. This gives you a visual impression of the geographical coverage of your property portfolio.

Graphical Navigation: You can quickly find a property with the pan and zoom options on the map. When you point at a property, a window with key information is displayed. When you click on the symbol the property data sheet opens.

Display Parcel Boundaries: One parcel can include multiple properties, and one property can include multiple parcels. You can graphically show the parcel boundaries on a map by entering the GPS coordinates of parcel corners, the line style and the color.

Thematic Mapping: Parcels and property markers can be colored based on a user-defined color scheme. You can define colors based on different parameters such as ownership, market value or occupancy rate. You can quickly switch between different color schemes.

Selecting Views: You can specify a default map view, for example the street view, satellite view or the topographic view. You can optionally define secondary views and switch views with one mouse click.

Selecting Maps: Google Maps and ESRI ArcGIS are currently supported as map providers. These maps are free of charge and no additional license is needed. More detailed maps with demographic information or soil composition can be licensed from map providers.

Key Management

Managing keys is a challenging task. After all, keys provide access to properties, spaces, cupboards or drawers that may contain items or information not intended for everyone. So it’s essential to be aware of which keys there are and who has them. The key management module allows you to manage the physical access of persons to spaces, properties and inventory. One or more locks can be created per object, where various locks may have the same access code (e.g. cylinder numbers).

Per key you will be able to determine which keys have access to which locks and who has been issued the key. The key management module has all the functionalities of the inventory module, allowing you to add photos and keep track of suppliers. The module can be adapted for each group of users by configuring access privileges for fields and functions. You will be able to specify your own procedures for the creation and editing of data using the workflow module. Functions specific to your organization can be added on request.

Key Features:

People: Any key management data are available immediately on the internet. In the case of an emergency, you will be able to see who has which keys, has access to a certain space and has supplied the locks.

Locks: You will be able to keep track of information on any locks, such as its type, manufacturer, maintenance condition, date of installation and access codes. You’ll be able to use all the functionalities of the inventory management module.

Cylinders: Cylinders are linked to locks and can be replaced if need be. If a key is lost, you will be able to request the location of the cylinders, for possible replacement.

Key Inventory: You will be able to see how many keys you have in stock, to whom they have been issued and if any keys are missing or have been stolen.

Key Chains: Multiple keys can be combined into a key chain. You will be able to determine which key chain is required if someone needs access to a space. Upon issuing a key chain, all individual keys are issued also.

Spaces and Equipment: One or more locks can be assigned to each space or piece of equipment and you will be able to keep track of who has access to that specific space or piece of equipment.

Log: For each key, a record is kept of when and to whom it was issued. You will be able to see whether the key is still in use or when it was returned, enabling you to determine later who had access to a specific space at a specific point in time. The entire issuing and returning process can be managed using Axxerion.

Schematics: Locks can be made to appear on CAD schematics. The user will be able to retrieve information on cylinders, access codes and keys by clicking on the lock in the schematic.

Maintenance Management

Each type of maintenance requires a calculation of material costs and labor costs, allowing for a cost estimate to be drawn up. Real costs can be settled with the budget that was agreed upon in the maintenance agreement.

The module can be adapted to any group of users by configuring the access privileges to fields and functionalities. You will be able to specify your own procedures for the creation and editing of data using the workflow module. Functions specific to your organization can be added on request.

Key Features:

Preventive Maintenance: Maintenance diagrams can be created per building, space, machine or machine type. Per diagram you will be able to indicate the frequency, number of cycles and day it is to be carried out.

Multiyear Planning: Maintenance planning can be from a daily, weekly, monthly or multiyear perspective. This plan can then be linked to a contract and a budget, giving a clear view of who is to carry out the activities and at what rate.

Errors and Work Orders: Incoming reports can be converted into work orders. Several work orders can then be assigned to the same report or vice versa. The dashboard allows you to view maintenance planning and to assign internal or external employees to work orders. You can request information about the work order by moving the cursor over the dashboard or by clicking on a symbol. The dashboard offers an overview of all scheduled and/or already executed work orders, allowing for changes to be made in schedules.

Inspections: Using the inspection tool, you can use Axxerion to carry out inspection lists efficiently for the benefit of engineering or installation/technical reasons. The inspection tool is available for use on a tablet.

Project Management

The Axxerion project management module helps you to streamline different types of projects such as relocation, events, construction projects and consulting jobs. It is designed to provide you with a single integrated approach for running your project communication, resource planning and financials. And because Axxerion projects is 100% web based you can collaborate with all the members of your extended enterprise, including employees, subcontractors, suppliers and clients.

Axxerion projects helps you to reduce the risk of running over budget or over time by giving you up to date information on the actual status versus planned. Axxerion workflows are used to streamline processes such as for resolving issues and approving budgets, invoices and timesheets. By automating time consuming tasks you can spend more of your valuable time on coaching team members to ensure that your projects are completed on time and on budget.

Key Features:

Document Management: All project documents are stored in central secure location. Team members can search, view and download documents via internet and always have access to the latest version. You can define access permissions, keep track of revisions, setup notifications and use approval workflows.

Issue Tracking: Forget about spreadsheets and use a professional issue tracking system. All issues are submitted online and can be forwarded automatically to team members using predefined workflows. You have an overview of all open issues at any point in time and see who is in charge.

Planning: You can create a hierarchy of tasks with projected start time, end time, run time and allocated resources. You can define dependencies between tasks and adjust the planning in an interactive Gantt chart. One or more team members, each with a special billing rate, can be assigned as resources to a task.

Time Sheets: Team members can submit daily or weekly time sheets against each of the project tasks. After approval by the project manager or line manager the actual hours, expenses and revenues are updated. The estimated revenue and expenses are calculated based on spent time versus percentage completed.

Budgeting: You can define a budget with revenue and expenses for the project. For each item in the budget you can review the budgeted amount, the amount already committed and the actual invoiced amount. The committed and actual amounts are updated from approved purchase orders, work orders and invoices.

Invoicing: You can automatically generate outgoing invoices for multiple projects. Invoice amounts can be based on a combination of factors such as fixed price agreements, percentage completed and time spent. You can post the invoices to a general ledger and create credit payment batches for banking systems.

Property Management

Properties are the largest area of expenditure for an organization, second only to personnel. Axxerion’s property management module enables you to keep track of not only your own properties but of rented properties. This highly extensive module over the years has grown into a comprehensive real estate management system, providing the possibility for users to add new spaces and to assign inventory and persons to those spaces. This way you’re able to locate free space, its layout; and you’ll be able to calculate the costs per department. You’ll also be able to create links with AutoCAD: clicking on a person or object on a schematic will then open a link containing all relevant information.

The module can be adapted per group of users by configuring access privileges to fields and functions. You can also specify any original procedures for the changing and creating of data using the workflow module. Any functionalities specific to your organization can be added on request. Property management is back to being accessible and fun!

Key Features:

Digital File: An up-to-date overview of all relevant details such as addresses, geographical locations, year of construction, ownership, floor space and occupancy rate. Documents including CAD schematics, permits, tax returns and valuations, photos and drawings are directly available on the internet.

Service Desk: Tenants will be able to report errors or make reservations on the web. Tasks will be automatically generated for internal and external services. You will be able to keep track of these costs, pass them on and invoice for them. Availability: Each space has its own calendar displaying maintenance and cleaning activities and reservations. You’ll be able to check whether a meeting room is available and add your meeting to that calendar. Each space can be linked to tenants and rental contracts costs can be recharged based on square footage.

Budgets: One or more budgets can be created for each property. Maintenance costs, energy costs and cleaning costs can then be booked onto the budget, with you being able to review the current situation at any point in time.

Multiyear Maintenance Planning: Maintenance schedules can be fixed per property. This allows you to calculate the costs of the period to come and automatically generate work orders to carry out the maintenance works. Maintenance can also be postponed without breaking the cycle. In addition, prices can be indexed for specifically planned activities. The extensive reporting options allow you to report all this information in a layout of your choice. The module also supports project management issues such as relocation.

Letting Accounts: You will be able to generate rent invoices automatically and have them sent off by email. Rent amounts will be calculated automatically based on floor area and price indexing. You’ll be able to list which service charges are applicable for each space. You will also be able to calculate the final statement annually based on the service charges (settlement of service charges). Floor plans are also easy to manage and access.

Timesheet Management

The timesheet module allows you to digitize the entire process of submitting, approving, taxing and invoicing timesheets. Employees and partners can simply submit their timesheets on the web. Having a clear, aligned account of all employee hours, leave and sick days allows for a clearer view of the costs and ensures that you can charge all the hours in the right way. Per project or per project task you can determine who is authorized to put down their hours and at what rate these will charged.

Key Features:

Automatic Generation: Timesheets are automatically generated for everyone each week. Each person has an individual timesheet, containing only those tasks for the relevant individual or organization is authorized to put down hours.

Submit Online: Everyone can submit their timesheets online and will receive an automatic reminder to do so. Upon submission, checks are carried out to verify the total numbers of hours per week.

Evaluation: You can decide how timesheets ought to be approved, e.g. first by various project managers and subsequently by the department head.

Budget: Following the approval of the timesheets, the hours are written into the budget as costs and turnover. The projection of the total costs and turnover is updated based on the rate of progress and on the productive hours.

Invoicing: Invoices can be automatically generated once timesheets have been approved. They can be generated on a productive hours basis, or, in the case of fixed price projects, based on the rate of progress.

Project Planning: You can make an initial estimate of the number of hours required per project task, allowing for a projection of turnover and costs and systematic improvement of project planning by comparing projection to actual productive hours.

Work Order Management

The work order module allows you to keep track of the progress of work orders both inside and outside your organization – these can related to properties, spaces and inventory. Work orders can be carried out within a contractual framework, and a team of individuals can be assigned to a work order in order to manage those work orders, e.g. a work order manager and a contractor. With the module you can even create different work order categories, each with its own workflow. The module can be adapted for each user group by configuring the access privileges to field and functionalities. You can also specify any original procedures for the changing and creating of data using the workflow module. Any functionalities specific to your organization can be added on request.

Key Features:

Up-to-date Information: The status of the work order is easily accessible online to each participant in the work order process. The information is no longer saved spread across spreadsheets, emails and paper documents. Both requesting party, the contractor and the supplier have access the work orders. This is how supply chain integration can be easily achieved.

Contracts: Work orders can be generated within the framework of a contract. Checks can also be carried out to ensure that the execution met the contractual requirements.

Inventory: The work order module is entirely integrated with the inventory management module. If resources are used for a work order, stock is appropriately adapted. It may even arise that Axxerion can automatically begin generating purchase orders if stock comes under a fixed minimum level. Work orders for properties can, for example, be filled based on the results of a multiyear maintenance plan.

Quotations: Quotations can be generated within the framework of the work order, with the allocated resources and hours / manpower required.

Costs: The projected costs of a work order can be at any time be compared to the real costs. In addition, the projected hours can be compared to the real hours.

Documentation: Documents can be saved and attached to a work order, e.g. a schematic can be added to illustrate to results of the project.

Comment: Comments can be added at various stages of the workflow. Comments are tracked per person and by date, allowing for a complete timeline of the work order.

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