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About EZPayManager

EZPayManager (EZPM) is an integrated, scalable payment platform designed to handle all disbursement processing needs. This includes the processing and printing of MICR laser checks and all electronic payments and remittance information.

Current back-office financial application software remains intact without any custom programming. MICR laser checks, ACH payments, F-EDI (Financial EDI 820, 835), fax, email, EDI and printed remittance are all managed by EZPM.

This Windows native software solution is recognized as the standard setter of the MICR laser check processing industry, and uses NACHA electronic payment standards for processing corporate ACH payments.

EZPayManager streamlines the entire payment production process by automating many of the manual steps required with older impact printer solutions. Using secure blank safety check stock, professional looking checks are created in a single pass on an ACOM MICR-enhanced Xerox laser printer.

EZPayManager check processing module handles signatures, logos, MICR fonts, remittance overflow, copy distribution and includes a facility to create and store electronic checkbooks.

EZPayManager check processing module helps to prevent check fraud while substantially reducing check disbursement costs. Significant economies are achieved by eliminating inventory of pre-printed check and/or form stock; use of less expensive safety paper; eliminating the need for busters, collators and signature stamps; reducing personnel time for check production, correcting duplicates and locating missing check numbers; eliminating the need to align and test checks prior to each run; eliminating the need to void check numbers in case of printer malfunction; and the ability to set up new bank accounts and print checks on it in minutes. EZPayManager MICR Check Processing module allows activation of add-on features in seconds and works with all financial packages.

EZPayManager software has the ability to split check files and spool them out to several printers for simultaneous, high volume check production. Checks are then printed at the combined productivity rate of the printers involved, for example: 40 ppm x 4 printers = 160 checks per minute.

EZPayManager Benefits List:

  • Eliminates inventory of pre-printed check or form stock
  • Uses less expensive safety paper
  • Eliminates need for busters, collators, signature stamps
  • Reduces personnel time for check production
  • Eliminates need to align and test checks before run
  • Reduces time spent correcting duplicates, missing check numbers
  • Eliminates voiding in case of printer malfunction
  • Sets up new bank account, prints checks in minutes
  • Allows activation of add-on features in seconds
  • Works with your current financial package.

Designed for the Windows computer environment, the EZPayManager software permits the use of a standard menu based interface.

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