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An accounts payable automation platform designed by Beanworks Solutions.

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About BeanworksAP

Beanworks AP is cost-saving accounts payable automation software that is streamlined and paperless. This cloud-based solution is easy to implement, flexible, and easy to use. Whether you process 100 invoices per month or 10,000, BeanworksAP can help you reduce processing time, improve productivity and reduce fraud risk. BeanworksAP is so confident that you’ll love the software that they offer a money back guarantee.

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  • Save Time & Money by eliminating Paperwork and automating your Business rules. Beanworks will reduce your invoice processing costs by at least 50%-guaranteed!
  • Improved Visibility and Control as BeanworksAP give you real-time visibility into the status of every invoice and control of your AP with secure online access from anywhere.
  • Streamline Multi-entities by Monitoring and processing Invoices from separate companies in one central location

Works With Your Own Accounting System

BeanworksAP integrates with popular Dynamics GP, QuickBooks, Sage 300, Yardi or ANY accounting software capable of exporting list data (such as vendor and account) and importing AP transactions. BeanworksAP can also run as a standalone solution.

BeanworksAP Invoice

Automated workflow for invoice capture, coding and approval, automatic PO matching.

BeanworksAP Purchase Order

Automated workflow for PO creation and approval.

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User Reviews of BeanworksAP

Submitted on June 18th, 2019 by Trevor Allin from Ticketmaster Canada

BeanworksAP was able to handle our complicated approval process. Our invoice approvers can approve invoices online from any location.

Submitted on June 18th, 2019 by Anna Campos from Canadian Council for International Coorperation

It only took one hour to get QuickBooks integrated with BeanworksAP.

Submitted on June 18th, 2019 by Sean Kerklaan from Fatigue Science

Without an accounting software background, you can search what POs have been approved and what is being drawn down on the purchase orders.

Submitted on December 11th, 2018 by Stan Chan from Trailer Wizards

Our big pain points in regards to accounts payable was just trying to get invoices approved in a timely manner and trying to track where they were.

We’ve been a customer of Beanworks for 5 years now. The biggest benefit is the trackability of invoices. The fact that we can put pressure on managers and approvers because we can see who has invoices and how long they have been sitting on them, so we keep pressure on them as accounting managers.

We can look up invoices fairly quickly. We can check date stamps of invoices and it’s a great audit trail.

We’ve grown a lot, and I think without Beanworks we’d have to grow our accounting team but Beanworks has let us manage.