Binary Stream National Accounts

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About Binary Stream National Accounts

Do You Need to Consolidate Vendor Payment Processing?

Binary Streamýs National Accounts for Payables is the only Dexterity-based product that allows Microsoft Dynamics GP users to create parent and child vendor relationships, allowing you to consolidate and streamline your vendor payments. By allowing you to structure your vendors in parent and child vendor associations, you can easily cut one check to the parent account for some or all of the transactions with child companies. In minimizing the complexities of certain vendor situations, National Accounts for Payables can save you over 50% of your vendor payment processing time, improve your vendor relations, and more effectively manage your payment processing. This solution was designed specifically for organizations that have dozens of vendors already setup in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Significantly Reduce Payment Time

By creating parent and child vendor relationships in Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can significantly reduce your payment processing time by cutting a single check to the parent vendor while having payments applied to child vendor invoices. Depending on your vendor and payment preferences, you can cut down the number of checks you produce in a payment period by over 50% if you have several vendors that are organized in parent and child relationships.

Improve Vendor Relationships

Within National Accounts for Payables, payment checks made to the parent account are associated with the originating transactions from the child vendors. This allows you to keep track of invoice payments and better manage your vendor relationships. By knowing who is getting paid for what you can also save time in researching these payments through built in lookups and reports.

Fully Integrated, Dexterity Based

Binary Stream`s National Accounts for Payables is the only solution available that is fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP. Written in dexterity, the programming language of Great Plains, this solution is a seamless fit with the pre-existing modules of Dynamics GP. This allows for several benefits including increased ease of user adoption and role based security.

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