An accounts payable application designed by Global Advant.

About Payables21

Payables 21 provides a comprehensive solution to transform a fully paper-based payment process into an automated system that easily integrates with and complements existing ERP and accounting systems. Both buyers and sellers can better predict their cash positions and increase returns on working capital. Payables 21 Solution allows companies to lower costs, reduce cycle times, enhance controls, minimize errors and improve cash position management.

Payables 21, our Accounts Payables (AP) Solution, streamlines the payment process by providing intuitive access to all invoice related data and by leveraging your existing ERP system. The benefits are clear - companies can reduce costs, increase process visualization and improve control over their financial processes.

Payables 21 Solution Is the Industry’s Most Comprehensive Solution for Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment That Enables Companies To:

  • Receive all invoices electronically
  • Streamline workflows and approvals
  • Improve internal controls
  • Issue alerts and notifications to ensure timely processing
  • Resolve discrepancies more efficiently
  • Schedule and track the complete accounts payable process
  • Schedule and track all payment activity
  • Have exhaustive reporting, status tracking and search capabilities available across all accounts payable processes

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