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About AP Center

This product is no longer sold for new customers. The solution is set up for current clients to receive support only.

AP Center is invoice approval from anywhere, anytime on any device. AP Centers dashboard provides an up-to-date view of pending approvals; users can quickly approve invoices with just a click. Easily configure workflow routing and approval hierarchy to automate payables processing. You select the best, most flexible deployment option for your organization: cloud-based or on premise. AP Center delivers enterprise level best practices at an affordable price regardless of your AP Department size.

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AP Center Work Process Flow and Functions

Below you will find high level descriptions of the features of AP Center:

  • Workflow Approval Routing. AP Center provides a standardized, consistent process for approving both PO and Non-PO invoices. Works steps can be configured based on your business process.
  • PO Workflow (If applicable). AP Center provides a standardized, consistent process for processing PO invoices. PO matching and discrepancy processing relies on integration with your ERP system. Works steps can be configured based on your business process.
  • Scan Module. The AP Center Scan Module provides an easy-to-use interface that allows users to perform document capture for paper invoices. The Scan Module also allows for the ability to capture basic batch level information, document rescanning, and page verification. Operators of the scanning function scan batches of documents assigning the batch level properties. Several scan settings are included in the base configuration to accommodate portrait and landscape documents along with settings designed to adjust document contrast. NOTE: Clients will need to provide a compatible desktop scanner for each Scan workstation.
  • Rescan Module. The rescan module allows the scan operator to replace hard to read or poorly scanned images that have previously been scanned into workflow. The rescan module allows the user to either delete the image and start the process over again or simply attach an improved version of the image and return the work item to the previous workflow step.
  • Invoice Import Module. The Invoice Import Module provides an easy-to-use interface that allows users to import electronic documents into AP Center. Examples of electronic documents are invoices that are received via email or paper invoices that are scanned using a multi-function device. Users have the ability to browse to a local directory and select one or multiple files to import into AP Center. The import process can be configured to use document separator sheets for automatic document assembly. Imported invoices are presented to the AP Specialist within the AP Center processing module where the index information can be captured and the invoices routed to the correct approvers.
  • AP Center Processing Module. The desktop Processing Module provides an intuitive interface for users to complete workflow tasks. Upon login, the user is presented with a list of assigned work steps. Selection of a work step provides a list of all items currently available for the user to process.
  • Automated Validation and Routing. The Distribution queue analyzes the current work item applying the defined business rules to determine the desired workflow routing for the item. Business rules can include items such as: Behavior Recognition, GL Validation, Auto-Distribution, Duplicate Validation, Due Date Calculation, Best of Terms Calculation, Data Modification, and Approval Hierarchy.
  • Web/Mobile Approval. AP Center offers a web-based client for the approval of Non-PO invoices, payment requests, and expense reports to be accessed from a user’s PC, laptop, tablet or phone.
  • Email Notifications. Configured on a work step bases. Upon an item entering a work step, all users who have access to the item can receive an email. Users can elect to receive emails for each item that is assigned or a daily email that will contain a summary of the items awaiting their action.
  • Email Escalations. Configured on a work step basis. Acceptable timeframes to process items are established and if the timeframe is exceeded, the item can route to the next step in the process. A configurable number of days prior to the escalation, an email can be sent to alert the user of a pending escalation.
  • Data Import. The data import function provides the ability to import data into the AP Center system from external accounting or ERP systems where direct integration is not implemented. The import process can be configured to replace existing data or append new records. Supported data formats include excel and standard text files.
  • Data Export. A function is provided to export all invoice data into a standard format for import into the ERP system when direct integration is not implemented. Supported formats include MS Excel, Text-based or XML.
  • Search. Search based roles can be assigned to grant users the ability to view all invoices, only invoices they have approved or invoices associated with a particular document type or department. Search results can be exported to excel for further analysis.
  • Reporting. Reports such as the following can be configured at your request: Accrual, Aging, Point-to-Point, Approval Hierarchy, Upload, Check Copy, Check Match and Spend by Vendor.
Starting Price
$1,000 /month

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User Reviews of AP Center

Submitted on March 26th, 2018 by Ryan Pio Roda

ICM’s Project Management team really took the time to understand the routing needs, approval authority, and customization specific to our business model. APCenter is an amazing tool that has added so much visibility and processing efficiency.

Submitted on March 26th, 2018 by Carl Shultz

The ICM APCenter saves time and expedites the invoicing process that in turn helps keep cash flowing in for accounts receivable.