AFTER For Windows

A multi-module management system designed by InterCoastal Technology.

About AFTER For Windows

InterCoastal Technology Inc.'s AFTER (Accounting For Travel Expense Reports) is the leading travel expense accounting system for businesses, with ten to ten thousand travelers, looking to automate the processing of expense reports. Since its introduction in July of 1992, AFTER has proved itself the T&E accounting system of choice for companies of all sizes–from organizations with 10 salespeople scattered across the country to global networks of travelers, streamlining T&E expense report processing, for accounting departments worldwide.

General Ledger

While the traveler or clerk in accounting is entering travel expense information, AFTER is creating your company’s specific G/L expense transaction numbers automatically. Each organization decides during AFTER’s setup, what data is used to arrive at the correct accounting numbers, in what order this information is calculated, and how long this information is. This takes the hassle out of G/L account input by the traveler or clerk and ensures that the information is completely authentic and validated.

Time & Billing

With The Personal Expense Reporter, your employees can record all aspects of how, when and where their time was spent. Whether it’s Billable - Non-Billable, by client, customer, project, work order, etc., down to 1/10th of an hour. The information is then sorted and compiled into time and billing worksheet reports, calculating optional information such as overtime.

Product Overview

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