BillingMatters Plus®

A multi-module management system designed by LexisNexis for accounting/legal/professional and consulting (business, management) companies.

About BillingMatters Plus®

Time Matters 6.0 with Billing Matters Plus® now includes advanced billing, full accounts payable and receivable, comprehensive trust accounting, a flexible general ledger, world-class check writing and reconciliation, and more. Firms needing basic billing can generate a bill and post a payment in one easy step. Firms needing advanced billing can use split, flat, consolidated, and allocated fees. The new accounting functions can be set for simple bookkeeping with lots of flexibility, or can be completely locked down to maintain tight accounting controls. Both professional and enterprise editions are available.

Account Register

From the Account Register, you can address all types of accounts such as General Bank, Fund or Trust, and Credit Card Accounts. You can see your current balance, filter the transactions using pre-defined tabs, or filter them by date. Features like adding Miscellaneous Deposits and Withdrawals, Creating Checks and Voiding Checks, are all available from the Account Register.

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable form is easy to read and complete. Just begin typing the Vendor and it auto completes the Name, Number, Address, Terms for payments, along with default general ledger accounts. If you have Client billable items, just enter a Bill Code, Client to bill, and Staff, and Billing Matters Plus will automatically create the billing items – saving you time.


Part of a successful business is planning ahead by creating budgets of estimated Revenue, Expenses and Capital expenditures. Budgets allow you to enter in Budgets by GL Account, either as a single annual number which automatically prorates to each month, or by specifying a budget for each month. Budgets can be setup for multiple fiscal years.

Cash Flow Statement

The Cash Flow Statement provides you with all of your proceeds from cash and uses of cash categorized by operating, investing, and financing activities.

Chart of Accounts

Your Chart of Accounts allows you to code and classify every transaction relating to a firm’s Assets, Liabilities, Income, Expenses, and Cost of Goods Sold. The level of detail captured and shown by the Chart of Accounts is determined by what information the management of your firm requires from their reports.

Contact Management

This form is used to collect any information about a person, organization, business, etc. If it were a client, you may have their work address, home address, various phone numbers, names of spouse and children, social security number, Email address, internet address, bank account numbers, properties owned, or anything else you may need to know about this client when working with them. By changing the field labels on the form, or through Form Styles, you can ensure that all users complete the fields in a consistent way.

General Journal

Every accounting event that occurs for your firm is listed on the General Journal. This includes entries added directly on the General Journal, and also entries posted from Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. The General Journal is also a record of all entries that represent non-deposit or-non check transactions, such as depreciation, and interest.

Income Statement

The Income Statement reports your net profit and loss and can be printed and compared to ytd, actuals, ytd budgets for this year and last year.

Other Billing


  • Flat Fee
  • Progress
  • Bill in Advance
  • Phase
  • Consolidated
  • Split

Time & Expense Billing

Time Matters includes its own integrated basic Billing and Expense Tracking system. This system is sufficient for firms with the most basic Billing needs as it allows creation of simple invoices based on Time and Expenses that were tracked as part of your daily routine. Time Matters allows you to create an unlimited number of clients, billing rates and billing items. Rates can be based on global rates (where all activities are billed on the same scale), by Contact, by Matter, by Staff Member, or by Activity or Task Codes.

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