A web-based multi-module management system designed by Nexus Systems.

About NexusPayables

NexusPayables is the automated accounts payable software system that puts an end to the inefficiencies of the traditionally paper based and labor intensive AP process. The NexusPayables product is a web-based, PO and invoice workflow approval management application which integrates seamlessly with your GL accounting system. Commonly referred to as an e-payables solution, NexusPayables empowers accounting data with automation, digital imaging, and electronic workflow to centralize and aid financial management and control.

Nexus Catalog

NexusCataolog is your company’s single source for online electronic catalog ordering of all product and service purchases. The consumer inspired, easy-to-use navigation allows users to effectively browse and search among multiple vendor catalogs within your organization’s approve supplier network with pre-negotiated prices.


NexusPayables’ PO module option allows you to approve expenses through workflow before you have to justify why you spent it. All approved PO data is then flipped and easily converted into an invoice, removing any duplicate data entry.

Product Overview

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