An accounts payable application designed by Progressive System Solutions.

About AP Void Check

This utility simplifies entry of a Void check in Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon IV) Accounts Payable. Add AP Void Check simplifies the process of entering void checks by eliminating the need to key in a voucher/memo entry and creating a zero check.


Add AP Void Check will let you add a void check into Dynamics SL without requiring an existing check entry or adding vouchers/memos to print a zero check.


Whether using a single company or multiple companies, Add AP Void Check can handle your Void Check entry.

Multiple Checking Accounts

Allows you to select which checking account you wish to add the Void Check for.

This is an Enhancement Utility/System Module for the Microsoft Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon) suite of accounting applications, developed to integrate with, look like, and perform like the Dynamics SL Modules. This Utility/System requires a Microsoft Dynamics SL license/software platform as a prerequisite for installation.

This is a Dynamics SL (integrated) Utility Module designed by accountants for accountants.

Features Include:

  • Void checks that were not previously entered into Dynamics SL
  • Do not have to go through all the steps necessary to enter a Voucher and Check into Dynamics SL
  • Saves Time and Money

User Reviews of AP Void Check

Submitted on February 27th, 2020 by Michelle

This software does not pick up the original GL coding information contained in the original voucher during the voucher reverse process. Therefore, it is only partially useful to our company.

The Good…

It makes fast work of voiding batches of checks with many entries and all the work involved with reversing the original transactions from the books

The Bad…

It is not customizatable to fit our precise GL code detail.