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Paymee allows you to easily create & update Application for Payments from Microsoft Excel. Paymee is simple to use, powerful & very customizable to meet your needs. Put in the detail & the summary gets generated automatically! Paymee was designed for use by construction contractors as an alternative to CCDC forms & AIA progress billing form G703 & G702. Paymee is suitable for use by any organization that needs to periodically submit a progress bill against a contract amount. Paymee can also be used to simply create a schedule of values for billing or accounting purposes. Microsoft Excel (any version since Excel 2000) is required. However, no Excel experience needed & no formulas to write!

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User Reviews of PAYMEE

Submitted on April 12th, 2019 by Phil Wood from Nailman Construction llc

A payment template for contractors based on AIA forms

The Good…

when it works, it does everything they promise and it does it well

The Bad…

They only offer support for 12 months after you buy it. After that, they WILL NOT offer any support at all unless you buy the Paymee program again. They do not have a support program at a fee. I had the program on my desktop and it worked fine for 2 years, then i had to replace hard drive and my code would not work to reinstall. When i sent emails, they would only reply they did not find my most recent purchase within the last 12 months. I asked them if I had to purchase the program again, they replied : We can not find your most recent purchase within the last 12 months. I had to buy the program again to get it to work. 15 months later, I can not save a file any more. I sent them an email asking if they had a paid support program and they replied that they only support installs for 12 months. they sent me a coupon for a discount to buy the program again. I suggest you look elsewhere if you want to find someone that supports their own product after 12 months. Too bad, it could be a top player

Submitted on July 12th, 2018 by JD from Philadelphia

It had crashed many times and starts automatically.

You cannot use none of the functions (example: file save as, file-print, etc) from the Microsoft Excel. You need to use Paymee functions to save or print. Which is ok !

I was unable to perform “save as”. I wanted to save AIA forms by months, but it does not have that functionality.

I have used Paymee export function to create Excel file to distribute it to Architect. The software does not specify or indicate where the file is being saved. I searched around and was unable to find exported file in Excel Format. There is no solution on FAQ. it is been more than 8 hours (as I was writing this review), email from support never came through or responded.

I was unable to print the workbook (three active sheets) as one single PDF document. Paymee printed two different sheets and had to combine two sheets in Acrobat Professional and then to send it to the contractor. I had to choose PDF because Paymee failed in exporting the “Paymee Excel” to “Microsoft Excel format” !

The Good…

The look and design is good

The Bad…

Export and Printing - Negative ratings !