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About Ps Report Scheduler

Ps Report Scheduler allows you to define and schedule Crystal Reports, executables, and batch process tasks to be run monthly, weekly, daily, or on demand. One Crystal Report can be used multiple times with different parameters because unique, preset parameters can be passed for each instance of a scheduled report. Parameters are entered during scheduling, and SQL statements can be defined as needed. Once scheduled, the item automatically runs at the designated time and can be output to an electronic file, printer, or automatically emailed to multiple addresses simultaneously. You only need one version of the report regardless of the output variations required, allowing you to build a comprehensive Crystal Reports library in a single location and edit one, not multiple, versions.

Included with the Ps Report Scheduler is the Ps Library for application and Crystal Reports distribution, which controls user access and network connections based on group and individual privileges. Authorized users can define and schedule reports and executables or run them on demand without a local copy of the application or Crystal Reports on their client system.

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