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About BoardPAC

BoardPAC is the most user-friendly solution for paperless digital Board Management. Designed for company secretaries, board members, and IT managers alike, this software is a globally commended solution which simplifies and digitizes secure meetings for your board of directors.

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BoardPAC has many useful features:

Meetings, resolutions and Agenda Management

The meeting management and resolution management with easy to set up agendas, uploading of the agenda items has been a key success to the adoption of BoardPAC across large enterprises.

There are many user-friendly quick to set up meetings and agenda functionality that is intuitive to the organizers who are busy board secretaries, company secretaries and corporate office members.

Meeting minutes and action tracking

The meeting minutes and action and task tracking facilities are available throughout the lifecycle of the meeting. From a pre-board set of tasks to updating the tasks during the meeting and thereafter following up tasks post-meeting. Assignment of tasks and automated reminders and followups are a key benefit of the meeting minutes module.

The meeting minutes for the total meeting with all agenda items are consolidated to help save 80% of the time that is spent by organizers in collating the individual agenda items and their outcomes and statuses. With the BoardPAC meeting minutes module, compiling the post- meeting minutes is a breeze.

Board voting, approvals and surveys

The ability to directly setup board voting is a user-friendly facility. The board can use their familiar board portal to complete such board voting and approvals. For board and executive surveys which incorporate a wider set of questions and answers, the BoardPAC survey module comes into play right from the BoardPAC application itself.

Board voting, approvals, surveys are available on all devices including the smartphones for busy members to compete for reviews and approvals on the move. Therefore, for the organizers, it is so much easier to obtain the results from the members with minimal manual follow-up required.

Pre-board facilities

Before the meeting, the divisional heads can seamlessly submit the papers. Reminders of such upcoming meeting dates and upcoming submission dates are provided by BoardPAC to assist with followups directly from the BoardPAC system.

Ability to set up future scheduled meeting dates and obtain the confirmation of members of their availability has been a benefit to organizers.

Multiple formats of documents are accepted by BoardPAC from Word, Excel, Powerpoint to images and videos which allows higher flexibility to the organizers and the divisions.

Post-board facilities

After the meeting is completed, the outcomes and approvals along with meeting minutes and the time taken to complete such activities post-meeting become challenging in a typical scenario. BoardPAC assists with compiling the communications whether it is internal emails with ready-made templates and integrated inclusion of the outcomes, to direct access and tracking of communication between the divisions and the Board organizers.

Presenter management

Many divisional heads require to present at the board meeting and their time for presenting can have shifts. The BoardPAC allows the presenters to be made aware of their next slot and the system sends alerts of the status. The organizers, the company secretary can communicate with the next presenters without leaving the board meeting through a quick message from the BoardPAC application.

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User Reviews of BoardPAC

Submitted on February 15th, 2022 by a BoardPAC user from Thebe Investment Corporation

Seamless and a game-changer!

Submitted on February 15th, 2022 by a BoardPAC user from Novo Energy

A simple and secure governance solution for board meeting management.

Submitted on February 15th, 2022 by a BoardPAC user from Satin Creditcare Network

The main reason for adopting BoardPAC was its features and the company wanted to go paperless.