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Azeus Convene board management software is smart, simple, and secure. Board management software is a straightforward and technologically advanced solution that addresses the deficiencies, redundancies, and flaws of holding paper-based board meetings. It allows for effective management of a board director’s workflow and processes.

The benefits of a board management software include real-time dissemination of information, automated meeting preparation, digitized documentation, and clearer communication channels.

Most organizations opt for a vendor-provided board management solution that can be easily implemented within a company’s existing IT systems and already have the necessary security standards required.

Convene is developed by Azeus Systems, a CMMI Level 5 company with internal and external processes and practices that have AICPA SOC ?, ISO 27017, and 27018 certifications. Convene is an accredited supplier that has met the requirements of several governments around the world such as the Queensland Government, NSW Government, and the Digital Transformation Agency.

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  • Review Meeting Pack Anytime, Anywhere: Access and review meeting documents online or offline, whenever and wherever — as it fits your work style.
  • Make Annotations on Your Device of Choice: Add private or shared annotations with or without internet access on your iPad, iPhone, or laptop. Once you go online, your work is synced across all devices.
  • Access Updated Meeting Packs Instantly: Get the latest version of the meeting pack at all times by allowing auto-download. You won’t lose your work — your previous annotations and notes are saved.
  • Sign and Approve Documents Electronically: Tap to affix your e-signature on documents instantly. To add a layer of security, you can enable identity authentication before placing your e-signature.
  • Communicate and Collaborate in Real-Time: Communicate via embedded Video Conferencing to facilitate remote meetings. Chat through Conversations, or share notes and annotations with other executives in real-time.
  • Live Meeting Tools: Keep everyone on the same page with Page Synchronization while presenting, and direct everyone’s attention using the Virtual Laser Pointer.
  • Navigate Board Packs: Access agenda items and documents easily by clicking through the Agenda tab, and tap links within the document. Navigate the meeting pack via page thumbnails or search.
  • Cast Votes: Expedite decision-making by casting your votes instantly during the meeting. Decide on other important matters outside of meetings through Resolutions.
  • Review Meeting Summary and Download Pack: Review the meeting summary instantly after the meeting—complete with annotations and action points for the directors’ reference.
  • Complete Assigned Action Items: Keep track of action items and deadlines assigned to you, and update the status of action items once accomplished.
  • Go Over Past Meeting Documents: Make a quick search by keyword, annotations, or file names to find old meeting documents.

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User Reviews of Convene

Submitted on February 15th, 2022 by Robert Manabat from Institute of Corporate Directors

Convene enables you to be up to speed with what’s happening, improved our board meeting experience, and helped us achieve our organizational objectives. I believe that using Convene is a step in the right direction because it allows for better engagement, productivity, and more.