Bonus 2000

A commission management software system designed by Bluehost.

About Bonus 2000

Bonus 2000 is a commissions tracking software designed for insurance agencies across the nation.

Using the commissions structure of your agency, Bonus 2000 will …

  • Keep track of all of your sales and applications, generate reports of what commissions are to be paid to your staff …

  • Tell you what advertising method is attracting the most business …

  • Even total apps and premiums for any time period you wish to see!

  • Auto, Fire, Health, Life, Bank, even Miscellaneous policies are covered with Bonus 2000 !

Why Bonus 2000?

Bonus 2000 was developed with extensive input from insurance agents just like yourself!

Current revisions to the software are done with the valued ideas of the current user base.

What that means to you is that you can expect to find the best tools and reports that other agents use to make their business more profitable!

Check out the Agent References page to find out what agents are currently experiencing the Bonus 2000 revolution!

For your convenience, a trial demo version of BONUS 2000 has at last been created ! Request the Demo today to see what the standard version looks like, what it can do for you, and just how easy our software is to use.


  • One Bonus Level or Multiple Bonus Levels - the choice is yours

  • See multi-line sales on one screen

  • In addition to showing you the current bonus earned, Bonus 2000 will even project what the bonus would be if the staff member were at a higher level - that encourages your staff to strive harder !

  • See the Bonus dollar amount on the same screen as the sale.

  • Ability to see “what-if” projections … in other words, you can take a year’s data and change the bonus structure to see what you could be making by doing so !

  • Add any policy you like with the Misc policy feature.

  • Allows you to edit sources - know where your business is coming from at a glance and be able to change these options at any time. Add to or delete from the standard list to customize it to your agency.

  • More user friendly ! No more confusing menus and countless set up options. Simply enter your agency information, set up your policies, and you are ready to start entering sales! Plus, our simple format won’t confuse you with features you already have (and therefore don’t need) within your own organization’s applications.

  • Bonus 2000 has a familiar Windows user interface that you and your employees will find intuitive and easy to use. Standard Windows architecture means that training time will be minimized, as most of your staff is already accustomed to the Windows interface!

Product Overview

User Reviews of Bonus 2000

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