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This product was acquired by SAP in 2018. As such, this product is no longer sold or supported. The capabilities can now be found within SAP Sales Cloud and other SAP software offerings. Please visit the sales forecasting software page for alternatives.

Callidus Software has earned the enterprise label Callidus Software realized it was not enough to merely apply an enterprise label to what we do: we had to put our resources where our claims were. And working closely with customer organizations taught Callidus Software that making your variable compensation process run smoothly demands a lot from our product and our experienced implementation teams. One key requirement is built-in control over the integrity of the data that feeds your comp process.

TrueComp Incorporates an Integration Solution

TrueComp 2.0 incorporates a scalable, best-of-breed tool called TrueIntegration that makes TrueComp fit like a brick into the wall of your other enterprise apps. TrueIntegration does much more than a general-purpose data-extraction tool you might license and then install between your enterprise systems and your variable comp system. TrueIntegration is just getting started when it facilitates the mapping of data fields from various enterprise systems into TrueComp for use in commission calculation.

More important to your long-term success, TrueIntegration keeps on working after the initial implementation, performing data validation and diagnostic routines based on Callidus Software’s years of experience in variable compensation. TrueIntegration ensures incoming enterprise data is correct, thus keeping your process running without a hitch and greatly improving payment accuracy. Customers can even choose to increase data integrity by having Callidus Software’s consulting services add structured, self-documenting diagnostics and transformations into the TrueIntegration repository to handle unique circumstances.

Over the years, as TrueComp itself is upgraded, your IT people won’t have to remap the data feeds because TrueIntegration will be upgraded in synchronization. If IT needs to accommodate new feeder systems, TrueIntegration’s intuitive graphical interface and powerful transformation capabilities will ease their task.

Callidus Software consulting services and implementation partners are experts in TrueIntegration. The highly scalable nature of TrueIntegration, its predefined links to TrueComp data structures, and our in-depth knowledge of common enterprise data sources explains why many of our customers are up and running in a matter of six weeks.

TrueComp performs automatic credit allocation Yet another way TrueComp takes advantage of categories is to reduce the manual, non-scalable effort required to allocate sales credit while at the same time eliminating the data-entry errors that plague old-fashioned variable-compensation systems.

First, TrueComp’s built-in TrueIntegration facility automatically handles inconsistencies in the data coming from your transaction systems. After validating the data, TrueComp uses categories to credit transactions to the appropriate parties automatically. For example, TrueComp might be set up to give Joe Smith automatic credit for sales to companies in the western region if they are sold through the reseller channel and involve one of the SKUs in product line X, with the exception of sales to companies in the national accounts group.

Of course, TrueComp allows manual allocation as well. If someone does make a manual error, you can easily view the audit logs to find out exactly what happened. But the labor saved and accuracy gained by automating the allocation process adds up to a huge benefit, one that variable-compensation management approaches without real category support simply can’t provide.

TrueComp scales TrueComp’s process model takes the approach of the more sophisticated, high-performance, high-volume enterprise applications by providing interactive benefits while maximizing transaction-processing performance through a streamlined batch process.

The TrueComp pipeline process, based in part on a highly scalable, best-of-breed rules engine, is where the bulk of calculation takes place. TrueComp gives you the choice of NT or enterprise-class Unix hardware to run this application service. Support for parallel processing allows you to take advantage of multiple processors.

TrueComp’s tightly integrated reporting server is also best-of-breed in both the sophistication of its reporting and the scalability of its performance. Callidus Software eliminated most reporting technologies before choosing to imbed the server best equipped to provide a large set of payees a comprehensive set of interlinked reports on a frequent basis. The report server can be run on an NT server, of course, but also on an enterprise-class Unix machine. Either way, TrueComp’s reporting takes full advantage of multiple processors via parallel processing. Moreover, Callidus Software continues to tune performance to get even more out of your hardware and our state-of-the-art report server with each new release of TrueComp.

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