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A sales force automation application designed by CellarStone.
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QCommission is powerful, flexible sales commission software. It calculates your sales people’s compensation, accurately, quickly and professionally. QCommission is integrated with US & Canadian editions of QuickBooks 2002, 2003, 2004,2005 & Enterprise Editions 4.0 & 5.0 but can also be operated as stand-alone.

QCommission provides the ability to import sales data either from QuickBooks or from other supported formats like spreadsheets, text file, tab delimited file. This flexibility is extended to enter sales data directly into the system. It allows setting complex Sales commission plans to meet industry specific needs. QCommission communicates company goals and objectives to sales staff by giving a complete snapshot of plan statements as and when a plan is set.

QCommission extends support for MS SQL Server database with full-fledged multi-user security by functions. QCommission allows the comp administrator to establish payees, products, customers, plans, incentives, quotas, payment frequency, etc in the system. It allows the establishment of crediting and calculation rules for various incentives. It helps to enter or import performance transaction into the system. These transactions can be processed, credited and calculated as frequently as necessary, even multiple times in a day. Adjustments to the transactions can be made and processed in the system. Complete and comprehensive reporting ability allows the user to report on all the calculations in a very detailed form. QCommission comes with commission statement and variety of reports. It also allows users to generate their own custom reports.


  • Supports MS SQL server
  • Provides full-fledged multi-user security by functions
  • Audit Process Logging
  • Flexible to administer different sales commission plans
  • Simple and easy to use for a very complex task
  • Calculate Commission on Gross Profit based on Cost from Estimates, Purchase orders/Bills/Time & Items
  • Import from QuickBooks using different Criteria’s
  • Restrict invoice import using a date range filter
  • Restrict invoice import using a paid filter
  • Schedule calculation/Import process
  • Calculate Commissions
    • straight commissions
    • tiered commissions
    • based on sales, margin or quantity
  • Allows negative and positive payout adjustments
  • Pay sales people, managers and external agents
  • Pay Incentives, Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly or Annually
  • Set Quotas for the entire year
  • Make Plan changes in the middle of the year
  • Administer Draws and Guarantees
  • Specify Draw Recovery Periods
  • Pay incentive at a transaction level
  • Pay incentives after grouping transactions for a period
  • Pay commission by product, customer & types of sales
  • Pay commission on Events like Invoiced vs Paid transactions
  • Choose from ready to use industry specific Plan Templates (Mortgage, Service, Staffing & Reseller Industries)

Complete and comprehensive reporting ability allows the user to report on all the calculations in a very detailed form.

BENEFITS * Reduced chances of errors in commission calculation * Direct integration with QuickBooks * Timely payment of commission * Supports complex plans * Enter Sales data online * Establish guarantees and draws at job level or salesperson level * Use criteria such as sales revenue, gross profit,customer satisfaction, units sold, new accounts, etc. * Pay incentives as a portion of results, flat amounts,tier rate with thresholds etc. * Set sales credit based on product, customer or salesperson * Choose various calendar frequencies, monthly,quarterly etc. * Model the plan payouts using sample sales information * More communication, Less confusions * Comprehensive Reporting * Track sales, commission and bonus * Less Administrative time, effort and cost * Greater productivity, trust, and morale

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