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About CommissionCalc

CommissionCalc automates unique and complex commission plans for companies of all sizes worldwide. If you spend 8 or more hours per month computing commissions, you can justify CommissionCalc.

CommissionCalc saves you time since it is tightly integrated with a variety of accounting systems and will read your accounting data directly. This not only saves you the time to manually enter data but also eliminates data entry errors.

CommissionCalc ties directly in with the following accounting systems:

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Microsoft Dynamics SL
  • Sage Accpac ERP
  • Sage MAS 90/200
  • Exact Macola Progression
  • Exact Macola ES
  • Custom plug-ins also available to read most other databases

In addition, CommissionCalc allows for reasonable cost development to allow nearly any accounting system to be integrated with CommissionCalc. CommissionCalc also integrates with Microsoft Excel’s Pivot table and Pivot chart capabilities or various report writers. This means you can display sales and commissions both in numerical tables and with graphical charts.

With CommissionCalc no matter how complicated or unusual your commission plan, you’ll never need to manually calculate commissions again!

You’ll find the following benefits when you use CommissionCalc:

  • Accountants save time computing and double-checking commissions.
  • Sales managers and salespeople save time checking their commission calculations
  • Eliminate errors and overpayments
  • Marketing can easily model alternative incentive structures and results
  • Salespeople are motivated by prompt and accurate incentive information

CommisionCalc uses rule-driven logic, a technique which used to be available only in costly software for large companies. Now, CommissionCalc both makes rules-driven software practical for moderate-sized companies and also saves money for large companies.

What kind of commission plans can CommissionCalc automate? Almost any, including those which:

  • Have multiple rules with many exceptions.
  • Base commissions on customer, product line, discount, margin, or anything unique to your business. CommissionCalc even makes it easy to use complicated combinations of different factors.
  • Use intricate quotas or tiers. Pay on receipt of customer payment, accrue on invoicing. Pay commission to multiple salespeople, managers, product specialists, and others.

CommissionCalc software licenses range between $2,500 and $5,000 depending on transaction volume. Implementation, configuration, training and support services typically range between $5,000 to $10,000. CommissionCalc is available directly from Flaum Technologies, Inc. or your qualified local reseller.

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