A new breed of commission software

About Spiff

Spiff is a new breed of sales commission and tracking software. This real-time commissioning platform offers full visibility and transparency to sales teams.

Spiff has everything needed to

  • Design
  • Manage
  • Motivate
  • Scale

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  • Simple plan designer: Build and make changes to your plan in minutes with the plan designer. No coding skills required. If you know spreadsheets, you know Spiff.
  • Flexible commission rules: Handle the most intricate commission structures and nuances. From marginal commissions to deal splits, ramps, team roll-ups and many more. It’s simple: if your plan can be represented mathematically, Spiff can handle it.
  • Smart building blocks: Create the most granular logic by mixing and combining objects such as rules, variables, and conditions.
  • Easy data access: Pull your data automatically and in real-time from a list of supported CRMs, accounting and payment systems. You can also import spreadsheets!
  • Designer view: Spiff uses the concept of building blocks to design your commission plan.
  • Temporal plan assignments: Assign/un-assign reps to plans on specific dates in just a few clicks and forget about it. Spiff automatically adjusts commissions based on these dates.
  • Advanced team management: Define complex team structures with members, managers, and sub-teams. Spiff automatically adjusts team commissions based on membership dates.
  • Integrated quota tables: Manage quotas with the flexibility of a spreadsheet and the power of a fully integrated system.
  • Overwrites: Manually overwrite values inside Spiff at any level, from your source data to the most granular calculated value.
  • Real-time commission statements: Give every rep a personalized incentive dashboard that updates in real-time as business events happen.
  • Key performance indicators (KPI): Inform reps on how they are doing against their goals during and across periods with fully customizable statement KPIs.
  • Detailed commission traces: Provide more transparency and build trust with your teams by giving them visibility into every commission calculation at the most granular level possible.
  • Payroll reports: Generate payroll reports in one-click for your Finance & Accounting department to help ensure your teams get paid on time.
  • Plan recommendations: Leverage Spiff’s data to refine your incentive compensation rules and grow your business.
  • Testing capabilities: Backtest new rules against real data, model new plans, and optimize your commission structure.
  • Statement and period exports: Export all your commission data into excel or .csv format in just one click for deeper analyses.
  • Open data API: Open API pulls and visualizes your commission numbers in your favorite Business Intelligence tool.


Spiff implementation is a one-time fee of $100 per user. Request a custom quote designed specifically for your pricing model. This software is ideal for companies with anywhere from 25 to 1,000+ commissionable employees.

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User Reviews of Spiff

Submitted on October 11th, 2021 by Cody Clark from Fivetran

I personally am super glad our VP Finance chose Spiff. Spiff has enabled us to facilitate complex sales organization transformation while maintaining sales end-user transparency into evolving commission models.

Submitted on October 11th, 2021 by Brian Orr from Greenix

Spiff is simply malleable from implementation to data articulations and can accommodate even the most complex of commission structures. Love what it is, and excited to see what is to come.