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A commission management software system designed by Stinson Solutions.

About Commission Calculator

Commission Calculator (Standard)

Simply the best way to track commissions in QuickBooks

If you pay commissions to your sales reps and use QuickBooks, this is a MUST HAVE. You’ll be amazed at the time this will save you. Commission Calculator retrieves sales or invoice payments (whichever basis you use for commissions) directly from your QuickBooks company file* and instantly calculates the commission earned by each sales rep (which are also automatically retrieved from QuickBooks).

You Can Set Each Sales Rep’s Commission Type to Any Combination of the Following:

  • Standard rate with optional minimum sales or payment level
  • Commissions on sales or payments within selected Classes with separate commission rates for each assigned Class
  • Commissions on sales to or payments from selected Customers/Jobs with separate commission rates on each assigned Customer/Job

The flexibility in assigning commission types is virtually unlimited.

Commission Calculator allows you to exclude one or more Items from your commission calculations. Like your reps, sales and payments, all of your Items are retrieved automatically from QuickBooks and presented to you in a list. Simply select the Items you want to exclude from the list (or deselect previous selections for inclusion). This is great for excluding Items like Shipping or Freight.

Commission Calculator (Gross Profit Version)

For those of you who calculate commissions on gross profit, you cannot afford to be without this application. Commission Calculator GP© completely automates the entire commission calculation operation.

As a QuickBooks integrated application, Commission Calculator GP automatically retrieves all the data it needs directly from your QB company file, eliminating the need for clunky, time consuming exports of your sales data to another program just so you can waste more time manually calculating your commissions.

With just one click, Commission Calculator GP retrieves BOTH the sales and cost of each Item sold during the commission calculation period, calculates the commissions for each sales rep and produces a detailed report grouped by sales rep showing each Item on each invoice along with the sales, cost, gross profit and commission.

Like our standard version of Commission Calculator, you can easily exclude certain Items from your commission calculations, such as Freight or Handling Fees.

And best of all, you can assign multiple sales reps to receive commissions on any Customer/Job or Class. So you’re not restricted by the “one rep per invoice” limitation in QB.

After each gross profit retrieval, all Items retrieved are stored and displayed in an Excel spreadsheet-like format where you can easily make manual adjustments if need be (e.g. to make adjustments to the cost for expenses not captured at the Item level in QB). Then simply run these revised numbers through a new commission calculation to reflect the changes in your commission report.

Once your commission calculation is complete, another simple click of a button exports the commission data to an Excel spreadsheet with a separate sheet for each sales rep.

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