The Commission Companion

A commission management solution designed by Companion Software, Inc.

About The Commission Companion

A subscription based database solution that simplifies commission calculation, deal tracking, and accounting tasks. Created using Microsoft .NET technology everyone in your organization benefits from the many features found only in Version 5.

Version 5 product features include new commission engine, improved security, enhanced commission distribution, unlimited number of users, and faster performance. Optional features include a support subscription service and a web-enabled data entry and reporting service.

Accounting Capabilities

Use Version 5 to manage all your invoices, cash receipts, commission vouchers and their payments as they relate to any deal. Additional capabilities include:

  • Batch processing of invoices and statements
  • Draw and expense account management
  • Optional database query and import/export functions

Customers: Setup and manage detailed customer account information such as accounts receivable and a complete deal, invoice, and payment history.

Vendors: You can create commission vouchers for payment and process commission check information for any in-house agent or outside broker on a deal.

Invoices: Generate invoices for any deal with full commission distribution by vendor. You can include a commission worksheet, make adjustments, and send invoice via email.

Payments: Record payments received from a customer and TCCv5 automatically processes commission distribution for payment and the creation of commission vouchers.

  • Improved invoice module with true line item support
  • Handles multiple invoices per deal
  • Payment setup feature for future invoices improving revenue forecasting
  • Improved AR payment handling and commission distribution
  • Vouchers for vendors to aid in tracking commissions paid
  • Expanded and flexible commission distribution
  • Draw and expense account tracking for agent/brokers
  • Optional interface to your existing accounting system

More Accounting Capabilities

TCCv5 will facilitate the flow of accounting data within your organization and support you with critical sales, marketing, and financial reports in a timely fashion.

Commission Management

Complex commission distributions and calculations are easily performed with Version 5’s improved commission calculation engine. Track commissions that are estimated, invoiced, paid, or have multiple commission levels using production value totals.

Commission Worksheet: Quickly determine the gross commission due on any lease deal. Use this information to generate accurate invoices and commission distributions.

Commission Distribution: Configure how a deal’s gross commission is to be distributed between in-house agents, outside brokers, and your firm.

Manager Overrides: Setup commission overrides for your sales managers and structure bonus incentives using a flat rate or by percent of deal.

Draw Accounts: Easily setup draw and expense accounts for your agents with recurring expenses and scheduled automatic updates.


  • Accurately splits broker commissions and tracks broker production totals
  • Support for more than million user defined commission structures
  • Apply different commission structures to broker on a deal-by-deal basis
  • Track multiple broker commissions per deal
  • Calculate broker commissions and production value by cash or accrual
  • Support for line item deductions from gross firm commission
  • Support for fees paid off the top
  • Calculate commissions based upon percent of lease
  • Allows the inclusion of free rent in commission calculation
  • Commission calculation can be based on varying terms of lease

More Commission Management

You can also account for varying monthly or annually rents, free rent, and variable commission rates when determining your firm’s gross commission. Keep your agents happy by setting up a secure optional reports portal easily accessed from their web-browser.

Deal Management

Version 5’s deal management capabilities offer an elegant solution to the common problem of collecting and storing commercial and industrial real estate transactions. All deals in the database are grouped by projects, completed transactions, or by transactions in-process

Manage Projects: Create a project group then assign, reassign, or un-assign any deal to that project. Review, compare, and analyze deals by their project assignment.

Manage Deals: Add new or edit previously entered deals. Get timely notifications of upcoming lease expirations, lease options and their potential commissions.

Manage Pipeline: Assign deals that are in process to a pipeline. Share pipeline data, such as revenue forecasts, lease requirements, or other information between sales, accounting, and management personnel.


  • Organized deal information by project, deal, or pipeline (deals-in-process)
  • Supports lease, sales, tenant/landlord rep, and general brokerage deal
  • Tracks consulting, referral, listing or any user defined fees
  • Accepts multiple markets, service lines, property, and deal types Support for co-brokered deals
  • Process deals originating by house, by the broker or through a referral
  • Tracks status of pending deals
  • Provides options and lease expiration notification
  • Standard reports for projects, deals, and pipeline
  • Supports an optional on-line data entry forms

More Deal Management

Version 5’s reporting and query systems give you timely notifications of upcoming lease expirations, lease options and their potential commissions. You’ll prepare clear and easy to understand sales and lease management reports and graphs. There’s an optional on-line data entry form that significantly increases the speed and ease of collecting and managing deal information.

Product Overview

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