Kewill Flagship

A web-based multi-module management system designed by Kewill ERP for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.

About Kewill Flagship

Kewill Flagship will give you the ability to manage all of your shipping processes in a cost-effective and efficient manner. This product will support high volume, high performance shipping; allowing you to manage any number of shipments to any international or domestic destination. Kewill Flagship provides export documentation and compliance checks for all your international shipments. The scalability, performance and flexibility of this product ensures that your software purchase will be effective for decades to come.

As of March 6th, 2017, Kewill and LeanLogistics rebranded as BluJay Solutions. As such, Kewill products are no longer sold or supported. Please visit the BluJay TMS page.


Enterprice Parcel & LTL Shipping

Kewill Flagship is an enterprise class, multi-carrier shipping management system that supports multiple types of shipping (complex, high volume, multiple location, international, and domestic). This product was designed specifically for companies that deal with high volumes of shipping. All major carriers are supported; FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS. This product will give you the ability to bring your supply chain in to a single, seamless system that will increase your efficiency and decrease costs.

Export Compliance & Screening

This module automates the process of performing mandated government compliance screening for Restricted Parties, Embargoed Countries, and Export License Determination. The central repository database of Kewill includes more than 29,000 parties with all relevant sanction lists from the US Departments of Commerce, Homeland Security, Treasury, State, as well as Canada, Japan, EU, UK, the UN, World Bank and Politically Exposed Persons. This product performs compliance screening based on country of origin; and simultaneously screens for company specific watch lists together with many government sanction lists. You are able to setup members of your staff to receive email warnings when there are compliance issues. You are able to view all reports over the web with PDF reports; and data is store for the obligatory 5-year record keeping period.

Export Documentation

This module of Kewill Flagship will automate the production of export documents, by collating, manipulating and producing the standard documentation sets for distribution. All data in export documents is automatically completed, saving you time and money in hours of data re-entry. Benefits of this module are:

  • The ability to produce and distribute export documents consistently without errors or user data entry
  • Increased efficiency by minimizing the resources required to produce export documents
  • Minimized risk of non-compliance costs (e.g. penalties, fines, denial of export privileges, etc.)
  • The ability to file directly with Customs authorities

This product can produce Invoices, Certificates of Origin, Movement Certificates, Transit Documents, Banking Documents, Insurance Certificates, Dangerous Goods Notes.

Pack Verification

The Kewill Flagship Pack Verification module allows users to pick and pack cartons and shipments while verifying the contents against actual order details. With this software you are able to build carton level detail data with speed and accuracy. This module ensures that your staff packs and ships exactly what each customer orders. By turning pick, pack, label and ship into a single continuous process you can dramatically improve efficiency. Handheld scanners allow your staff to capture and enter data, at which point the system automates the process of verifying the packages contents.

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