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About Arreva

Arreva is a fully integrated online fundraising and donor relationship management software for nonprofit organizations. The software helps encourage donors to continue contributing to your cuase. Nonprofit sectors served with Arreva include human services, education, environment, animal welfare, health, and cultural arts.

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Features of Arreva

  • Event registration
  • Peer to peer giving
  • Fundraising
  • Email marketing
  • Volunteer registration
  • Online donations
  • Content management

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User Reviews of Arreva

Submitted on January 30th, 2017 by Elizabeth Wynter from ChildNet

I was thrilled with the way the software was integrated. This is great for organizations that don’t have a large development arm. They gave us a beautiful website in a short amount of time and let us do personal fundraising and email marketing and events. It made a huge difference in our ability to raise funds.

Board members we helped develop their page and they could forward that personalized fundraising page to their email list, FaceBook, or text message. It was all very easy. It gives us the ability of 15 staff people when we really only have 1. We can do so much more with less people. With agencies just beginning fundraising or even if you’ve been doing it for years, this is a savings in personnel and in the ability to raise funds, use technology in a smart way to save money and raise money.