A donor tracking software solution from DonorExpress Software.

About DonorExpress

DonorExpress Donor Tracking Software is a full featured software that helps nonprofit organizations build better relationships with their donors and manage their fundraising activities. The software comes in 4 different versions:

  • DonorExpress Lite
  • DonorExpress Nonprofit
  • DonorExpress Hospice
  • DonorExpress Enterprise

Features of DonorExpress

The below is a listing of some of the major features that are found in the software:

  • DonorExpress Software is an easy to use donation management and donor tracking software that allows the user total control of a donor database.
  • DonorExpress Donor Tracking Software has a four level Security Option that allows the application to secure all confidential donor information.
  • Locating a donor record is handled efficiently through three different search methods including a multi-criteria Search Screen.
  • Entering and tracking Donor Demographic Information and their Donations is efficiently easy.
  • The Pledges function allows the user to create a Pledge, associate a donation to that Pledge and track outstanding balance of the Pledge.
  • The Campaign function allows the user to create a Campaign, associate a donation to that Campaign and track the progress of the Campaign.
  • DonorExpress Donor Tracking Software treats Memorial or Honorarium donations and their Acknowledgment notifications with the special attention that they require.
  • The user may select a specific Response Letter to be mailed to the donor for each donation.
  • Donors may be assigned to one or more Donor Groups to make newsletter or fundraising mailings a manageable task.
  • All Donor Correspondence are tracked and can be automatically updated when sending out thank you letters.
  • Management Reporting is made easy with the Report Selection screen that generates reports by simply pointing and clicking.
  • Fundraising and Special Mailings can be handled through several different methods:
    • The Query Donors Screen allows the user to enter simple criteria, create an export file for a mail merge and update the donor record that a selected correspondence was sent.
    • The Donor Pick List allows the user to pick donors randomly from the donor database and export as a file ready for a mail merge.
    • Donor Group Labels may be created by simply selecting the desired group and printing.


  • DonorExpres Lite starts at $150 one-time for a single user
  • “Nonprofit and Hospice or Enterprise” version license and support for a single work station $650.00.
  • Additional work stations license and support $245.00 ea.
  • Unlimited user Site License and support $1800.00.
  • After first year, license and support for a single work station $175.00.
  • Additional work stations license and support $75.00 ea.
  • Unlimited user Site License and support $475.00.

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User Reviews of DonorExpress

Submitted on December 3rd, 2019 by Alissa Nelson from Children's Advocacy Center

DonorExpress is by far the BEST donor tracking system that we have worked with as a non-profit. The customer service is like no other company. The software is very user-friendly and is very easy to manage. I could go on for days about how great DonorExpress has worked for us